USPS Delivers More Junk Mail Than Love Letters

If you’ve noticed your snail mailbox getting fuller, it’s not because you’ve become more popular, because odds are, you haven’t.

However, the volume of “Standard Mail,” or bulk mail, surpassed all other classes for the first time in American history in 2005.

Why your mail slot will only explode further, after the jump.

Direct mail gains increasing favor in the face of the so-called ‘splintering’ and ‘fracturing’ and ‘dismembering’ of traditional advertising channels, especially television. In contrast, direct mail is targetable, its results quantifiable and cost thousands of times less than a thirty-second tv spot.

The West Coast office of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has a blog with nifty charts breaking down all the numbers.

Todd Heyman, Creative Director at OgilvyOne Worldwide, the direct marketing division of advertising megalith Ogilvy, tells The Consumerist, “Frankly, I think we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg in terms of what direct mail can accomplish. Too much of the direct mail that’s sent out today follows a rather bland, tired formula. Our goal is to make the mail we produce impossible to ignore…”

Marketers wouldn’t send direct mail wouldn’t if it weren’t profitable. If you receive a mailer you consider unwanted, that’s the marketer’s fault for not targeting his list effectively enough. In an ideal world, there is no such thing as junk mail. Instead, every single piece of bulk mail caters to your interests, needs and desires.

And don’t forget, if you don’t like it, you can always opt-out!


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  1. AcidReign says:

    …..They cater, all right. Targeting is a joke. More like carpet-bombing the entire country! The latest trend is to make their junk look legitimate. “Do not discard.” “Statement Enclosed.” It will get your attention quickly when you notice a “bill” from someone you’ve never done business with!

    …..I need a new, bigger, more powerful shredder. I’d like to be able to toss the entire envelope, fake credit card and all, into the machine.

  2. CTSLICK says:

    I finally went to “opt-out” open warfare mode after receiving 5 credit card offers in one day. This is beyond ridiculous. I am using every opt out method available, we’ll see if its successful.

  3. CTSLICK says:

    and another thing, it occurs to me that the USPS isn’t going to be terribly motivated to intervene on behalf of the recipient because this has gotta be a cash cow for them. It helps to replace the revenue lost to the electronic age (emails, IM, SMS etc)

  4. LLH says:

    think of the trees people! i HATE when i get the ‘penny pincher’ (put out by the scientologist by the way) wrapped around inserts for at least 5 cheap ass supermarkets. and it seems like they’re in my mailbox every damn day now. good thing there’s a recycling bin by our boxes as well.