H&R Block Gets Man in Tax Trouble, Doesn’t Care

Tax Prep ToDo list:

1) Gather receipts
2) Scrounge up W-2(s)
3) Don’t go to H&R Block…

Seriously. I’m in the middle of a huge battle with them right now, and they are SUCH a$$holes. The gist of it is:

My 2002 tax preparer failed to file a part-year resident tax return (I moved from state to state during that year)

Massachusetts got pissed and wrote a letter in 2005 demanding money

Another H & R Block preparer (the original guy was in a seasonal office and not available) filled out an amended return, which I sent out at the end of December 2005

I got another letter from the Mass Department of Revenue, which basically said “Thanks, but there’s still a discrepancy and you still owe taxes”

I tried to contact the woman who put together the amended return, but she 1) didn’t remember me, 2) didn’t have me in her files, 3) wouldn’t even let me explain the situation (she kept interrupting me every two seconds) and then 4) refused to give me H & R Block’s corporate office address so I could file a complaint.

I’m STILL dealing with them. I’m so furious right now, I can’t even tell you. What a waste of time and money they are. It’s THEIR error and they should take care of it, but no.

The whole saga and all the gory details are in my dumb blog:


Please tell your readers: Don’t go to H & R Block!