Samsung T-809 Gets Skanky All Up Inside Its Camera Crack

s mud in your eye: Victor got Samsung T-809 camera phone and loves it, except for the gap underneath the camera that allows dust to easily get into and underneath the LCD screen.

Others have had the same problem and most resorted to plugging the hole with tape.

Victor called T-Mobile who said it
t a known issue.

Of course, he didn’t stop there…

I told her to do a google search for “t809 dust”
and she did so, and I pointed her out to that thread. She read some
posts over, and said that T-Mobile could do a handset replacement, but it would probably be a refurbished phone that they would send me, and that if this was an issue with the phone, then chances are I’d have the same dust issues with the refurb they’d send.

Victor wants to know if he should contact Samsung tech support and if they
d do anything about it or whether he should,
just stfu about it and just attribute it to a case of bad luck?

We advise calling Samsung tech support (1-888-987-HELP(4357) Mon-Fri: 8am-7pm (CST), Sat: 9am-6pm (CST).

If, after exhausting that approach, there
s no resolution, return the cell phone for in-store credit and get a new phone. Preferably one that doesn
t get all skanky up inside its camera crack.

Anyone experience the same problem or have advice for dealing with Samsung?

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