Rupert Murdoch Obeys the Giant

And just when you thought the Andre Has a Posse fad was completely dead, obnoxiously overused, and forever buried in the annals of the late 1990’s-earl 2000’s,
writes in Bucky Turco,
Rupert Murdoch [tries to] make it relevant again or according to them, *super-cool.*

s right, you can download Obey Giant and other ‘iconoclastic’ Shepard Fairey ‘grafix’ as wallpapers for your cellphone from, a Newscorp entity.

As you may know…

Shepard Fairey was an artist who made Andre the Giant
s head into a big poster with OBEY over it and GIANT underneath. After pasting it around town for a school project, he made the image available for others to use and it spread across the nation’s city’s blank walls, POST NO BILLS boards, and street signs, creating a counterculture phenomenon. Derivatives followed, including one emblazoned, “Andre Has a Posse.” The graphics were wildly successful beyond their humble origins, eventually becoming a substantial commercial entity; a giant, obeyed by its own increasingly mainstream posse.

According to the latest incarnation, here
s what
s up with the Obey Giant:

Be curious, be confrontational. Obey Giant. Or, don’t. That’s the whole point. These grafix are super-cool, but if they make you think for yourself and question authority, all’s the better. Because the medium is the message.

Whatever that crock o
crap means.

Co-Option, it
s a beautiful thing.

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