Worst Company in America: Ladder

Here’s the ladder we’ve put together to determine, by your votes, the Worst American Company.

Stay tuned for the forthcoming round 1 battle: Halliburton vs. Monsanto.

P.S. Face-off contendors determined solely by those who sumbitted here and on the tip line. Don’t see a company you’re sharpening a knife for? Nominate it, along with a reason why, in the comments here and we’ll be sure to put them up on the chopping block next time.


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  1. People Paula says:

    Postal Service! Postal Service!

  2. John says:

    Hey Joel, you have the bracket seedings set up wrong. #2 should be at the bottom, so potentially it doesn’t meet #1 until the final. #8 winner should play #1 right after #1’s first round.

    And what kind of pandering are you up to by omitting Microsoft????

  3. nweaver says:

    Some of these matchups are weird. EG, southwest vs jetblue. Where is United and American in this?

    Where is the Borg (Microsoft)? Or is Evil not “Worst”?

  4. Smoking Pope says:

    No Microsoft, no America West (or whatever they’re calling themselves these days), no McDonald’s. I smell a fix in the air. Either that or I didn’t vote.

  5. ValkRaider says:

    H&R Block
    Sallie Mae

  6. Ben Popken says:

    Face-off determined solely by those who submitted here: http://snipurl.com/mu5e

  7. God I love February Madness!

  8. mrscolex says:

    Just to let everyone know, Joel is no longer running the consumerist. Apparently Ben Popken knifed him in his sleep. Salient details on his blog link…

    As for the matchups missing McDonalds and Microsoft, come on how boring would that be when they actually won? What a snorefest. Who would we be pandering to then, the slashdot knee jerkers?

    I’m curious to see how the battles actually take place. Thoughtful discourse followed by voting?

  9. Ben Popken says:

    True, mrscolex. However, Joel stays on as Executive Editor and writes the Morning Roundup, and whatever other post he likes (though most of his time is now focused on Gizmodo) for the time being.

  10. missdona says:

    Really. How can Walmart not be the no. 1 seed? It just doesn’t seem right.

  11. mrscolex says:

    Kind of a crappy introduction, sorry about that ;)

    Ben Popken everybody!


  12. I think Jet Blue is the new Gonzaga. They’re gonna surprise some people in the tourney.

  13. Joel Johnson says:

    We’re giving Popken his proppers next week, I promise. :)

  14. RaginCajun says:

    Is there a betting pool?

  15. christy says:

    What’s the difference between editor and executive editor here at SuperMegaGlobal Consumerist Corp.? Does someone get an “executive assistant” now? Corner office? All the corn dogs you can eat?

  16. OkiMike says:

    Monsanto ate my dog.

    Down with Monsanto!

  17. RowdyRoddyPiper says:

    I know, very late to the party here, but can I get a Ticketmaster(TM) in the house. I ended up paying $9 in fees on a $31 ticket.