Dangerous Highway Perspective Advertisements II: Die Harder

Okay, within mere moments of our Dangerous Highway Perspective Advertisements post, astute reader “The Unicorn” followed-up with this Snopes article, which explains that these highway perspective advertisements are mock-ups done for a 2005 German contest. So we’d usually just append this quasi-correction to our first post… except the linked Snopes article has the best and most dangerous highway perspective advertisement ever:

We just hope someone, someday, will sneak on to the freeway and do a perspective painting of a perambulating granny slowly traversing the middle lane on her walker. Make sure to take a picture and send it to us!


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  1. fizzer fits says:

    Also in that snopes article where links to the real deals as winners of that photoshop contest had their designs draped over real trucks. Though I don’t think those trucks saw actual highways they still look pretty good even from the wrong perspective.

    Check out the Pringles one – that actually looks the best in the non-photoshopped pics.

  2. Paul D says:

    I liked the upside-down cases of Coke.

    But yeah, the backwards semi is teh funnay.

  3. HINKShopper says:

    It gets a bit funnier when the words are translated — “On the wrong path/road?”

  4. Kornkob says:

    I recently came across a truck for some office supply place that had a decal on the rear door that made it appear as though the rear door was open and the boxes inside were going to fall out. This illusion was further supported by the fact taht the rear door (actually closed) had a loose latch system, which caused the door to shift up and down when we went over a seam in the pavement— making the boxes look like they were ripe for falling out.

    How did it affecvt my driving? Well, I was gaining ont eh truck but rapidly backed off when I saw what I saw was his door open. Once I realized it was a creative paint job I picked up speed again. I can certainly see how that might cause problems for people, if they are failing to leave proper stopping space between them and the car in front of them. At the same time I am one to place that fender bender blame where it belongs: in the lap of the guy following too close.