Radio Shack CEO Accused of Fabricating His Resume

The pastor who Radio Shack CEO Dave Edmonson said supervised him while he completed his degree via correspondence courses said he doesn
t recall Edmonson working towards his diploma under his watch, reported the Star-Telegram.

Edmonson claims he spent ’77-’78 on campus at Pacific Coast, which the college verifies. But it doesn
t have records that he later took correspondence courses or that he completed his degree.

Through a spokesperson, Mr. Edmonson declined to comment on the matter. The Radio Shack board of directors reaffirmed its decision to stand by Edmonson.

The CEO previously told the paper his diploma burned in a fire in his garage and that the college may have misplaced his records.

Last May, after Radio Shack’s CEO took the position, he read a critical column by columnist Mitchell Schnurman.

“I expect you to hold me accountable,” Edmonson wrote Schnurman afterwards, “In fact, I treasure the role you will play in my life. My greatest fear is that I will lose myself, somehow forget why I have worked so hard to get to this place and will forget that the character of the leader matters more than anything else.”

Radio Shack: You
ve got questions, we
ve got dubious responses.

Pastor Can’t Verify RadioShack CEO’s Account on Diploma