Amazon to Build iPod & iTunes Killer? announced plans to take on iTunes and iPod as early as this summer. It will launch its own Internet music service as well as sell its own branded portable music players.

The online retailer still needs to sign licensing agreements with the four big music companies.

Amazon is thinking about offering the players, which may be built by Samsung, free as part of a subscription offer, or selling them with preloaded songs that could be swapped out for other songs.

Somehow we think it would be appropriate for you to play “Video Killed the Radio Star” now. As part of our customer empowerment program, we’ll let you make up the reason why.

Report: Amazon to Compete with iTune, iPod [ComputerWorld]


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  1. B. Dailey says:

    Preposterous headline. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  2. Hasn’t *every* other player in the Music or Technology market supposed to have built an “iPod and iTunes Killer” by now? Can I really get a crappy player for free? Where do I sign up?

    Not to mention the obvious fact that Apple so saturates the market so completely that it’s near impossible to break in. *Everyone* has an iPod. And although there are folks who rush out and get a new iPod each time it’s upgraded, it’s not something that needs to be replaced very often. So I doubt that all those folks who got Video iPods and Nanos for Christmas are going to toss their Apple players to get the Amazon one (losing compatibility with any iTMS purchases they’ve made, btw) just because it’s there.

    Having a superior product does not marketshare make; look at Windows versus OSX. But having a superior product AND the vast majority of the market is a pretty tough house to blow down.


  3. Anabelle says:

    Apple has so deftly built a rock-solid brand identity with iPod, it’s almost a generic (like “kleenex” or “jell-o”) — a sure sign of market dominance. We’ll see.

    FWIW, my kids have iPods, and I hope to join them soon. I work only on Macintoshes at home and work, and buy my songs from iTunes, so it’s a natural fit.

  4. “it’s almost a generic”

    Not only that, but iPod has influenced a whole way of thinking in the marketplace with it’s iThis or iThat knock-off brand messages in other categories. What’s the new search engine out called, iBelieve (or something like that.)

    Anyway, it’s not just about the toy, it’s about the content. Jobs knows that. I have to think Jobs sewed up the licensing rights to the best catalogs among all the major labels. No way they break that deal.

    Amazon may have the network, but Apple got there first. First to market with a great product that also defines a new category is hard to beat.

    Good luck Amazon. Apple’s not like all the other Ma & Pa book stores you swallowed up.

  5. its, not it’s.

    iNeed iSpellcheck.