Braindead Customer Service: Logitech

While the bulk of Michael’s post on The Life Ironic is a gentle reminder about the usefulness of printing off and saving manuals to one’s electronics, he did receive this gem of a semi-automated response from Logitech’s customer service:

Dear Michael,
Thank you for your recent inquiry about your Gaming Console.

I understand that you want the manual for your Logitech Cordless Attack for Xbox.

Please note that Logitech no longer ships manuals with its products. Instead, each product comes with a Setup Guide or a Getting Started guide along with an extensive Help file you can access through the software. The Setup/Getting Started guides are simply designed to tell you how to connect the product. However, once you have installed the software, you can open the software and press F1 to view the Help system for more information on using the product.

Because when you buy an Xbox controller, there’s all this software you need to install on your PC. Right?

Of course, we figure Mike can manage to use his controller without a manual, but still…

Forgot to save the instructions? No problem. [The Life Ironic]

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