Satan Speaks: All Your Church Are Belong To Us

Church Marketing Sucks has a post up detailing the unique tag line a church has chosen for itself in Pennsylvania.

The quote? Luke Chapter 4, Verse 7.

The words? Spilled forth in bile from the forked tongue of the Prince of Darkness.

Note to Christians! Not everything in The Bible is God’s inspired word.

Note to everyone who read the title of this post and thought “What is this? KOTAKU?”: we are truly, truly sorry.


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  1. CMPalmer says:

    Well, they’re quick on the draw — they’ve changed the tagline to their phone number…

  2. airship says:

    The pastor (or more likely, an influential church elder) probably found it using some Bible search program. He should have followed up by reading it in context. Always do your research, people.

  3. DeeJayQueue says:

    I find most of the problems associated with people standing behind the bible as a means to be more righteous than thou stem from quotes like that taken completely out of context. “But is says it in the bible” simply isn’t good enough. I could pick and choose words and phrases out of the bible and get it to say whatever i wanted it to.

  4. x23 says:

    the last comment in the linked article now says that the church said their site was ‘hacked’.

    seems pretty subtle for a hack. i would say it’s a cover story for a mistake… but that would be lying.