David Hasselhoff Trades in Knight for Pepsi Cap, Rides

How do you like your Pepsi-Cola? How about David Hasselhoff? This asexually lascivious image leered at Flickr user ‘Downunder Dan’ from atop an Australian billboard and he was compelled to share it with us. Thanks, Dan! Now we can gouge our eyes out in peace and replace them with K.I.T.T’s array of futuristic crime sensors.

Oh no! It’s the Hoff! [Aptbroadcast via Flickr]


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  1. rikomatic says:

    I’m a little frightened of what Mr Hasselhoff is doing to the Pepsi cap, but clearly its enjoying it.

  2. Anabelle says:

    With all the wall tiles in the background, it looks like Hasselhoff is in a giant bathroom trying to hump an avant-garde urinal. Or something.

  3. Paul D says:

    I guess in Australian, the slogan is “Deh F’moh”.

    / sorry

  4. scingram says:

    Hah, I couldnt help myself. This is my new dual screen desktop at work.

    Click for the larger version.

  5. Ben Popken says:

    Scingram, that is horribly fantastic!