Majority Of New Yorkers Love/Hate Wal-Mart… In The Same Poll!

According to this Quinnipiac University poll, over 50% of New Yorker’s supported Wal-Mart infilitrating Gotham. But the Neighborhood Retail Alliance picks apart thier findings and comes to the opposite conclusion: most New Yorkers don’t want Wal-Mart in their city:

Other Q-poll results provide further good news for those opposing Wal-Mart
s incursion into the 5 boroughs:

46 percent say Wal-Mart should be allowed to open stores in the city only if it allows workers to unionize, while 29 percent say open with or without unions and 19 percent say Wal-Mart should not be allowed to open at all.

So according to this, 65% of New Yorkers either do not support Wal-Mart
s entry or only are amenable if the store allow a unionized workforce. Considering the store
s unbendable policy vis-
-vis unions this is as good as saying no to Wal-Mart.

They also raise the point that New Yorkers tend to be very open to new stores and chains coming into the area, so a slim majority of those polled favoring Wal-Mart says far more damning things about the current state of the chain’s public relations than if the poll was conducted in any other city.