Lambda Legal Clucks Tongue At Blizzard For Anti-Lesbian Guild Policy

Speaking of virtual sex, Lambda Legal has gotten involved in the Blizzard debate over whether or not gay and lesbian friendly guilds (clubs of players who enjoy playing with one another in online games, for those unfamiliar with the jargon) are allowed to advertise in their wildly popular game, World of Warcraft. Lambda Legal is an activist group aimed at protecting the civic rights of gay, lesbian and transgendered Americans, and they’ve sent Blizzard a friendly letter, asking them to cave on their current policy: citing gay and lesbian players for mentioning their sexual preference, ostensibly because it makes them targets of bigotry.

Blizzard appears to already be caving on the issue, but Lambda Legal is going for the fatality, and our buddies over at Kotaku have posted the whole letter that was sent to Blizzard. We’re glad to see Blizzard show some sense here: although protecting your users from harassment is a noble goal, this is the equivalent of telling blacks not to make their race known so that they can avoid virtual lynchings. Blizzard would be better off actively punishing the ubiquitous bigotry in their game than penalizing the victims.


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  1. Jillsy says:

    Did anyone see the comments to that post on Kotaku? Just, wow. I didn’t realize people like that went after Gawker Media comments privileges.

    I love my guild & wouldn’t leave it, but if for some reason I started a character on a new server, I’d definitely look into an LGBT-friendly guild, just so I wouldn’t have to hear people use the words “gay” and “fag” derisively. Bigotry makes me really uncomfortable.

  2. konstantConsumer says:

    wow. yeah. that galvon guy on kotaku is freakin’ crazy! i almost want to meet the guy just to see what he is like in person. usually, people talk like that online because they have issues with stuff in their every day lives.

    and i have to say, i really agree with lambda on this one. i chat on lots of sports message boards, and it drives me crazy that using terms such as fag and gay as derogatory seems to be just fine!

  3. fizzer fits says:

    Not to kiss Joel’s ass (eeewww), but this:

    “… this is the equivalent of telling blacks not to make their race known so that they can avoid virtual lynchings. Blizzard would be better off actively punishing the ubiquitous bigotry in their game than penalizing the victims.”

    was what I was trying to articulate in an argument with a friend for over an hour last week. I just couldn’t say it with any clarity or without tasting the earthy texture of my foot. Very.Well.Put.

  4. No need to ponderously suck Joel’s rectum on that one, fizzer. I was the one who articulated that. Not that anyone can tell, lack of bylines and all. Another analogy would be “Blaming girls who wear short skirts for getting themselves raped”.

  5. Joel Johnson says:

    But I’m happy to get in on any excess sucking that might be available.

  6. RowdyRoddyPiper says:

    It’s a dumb idea to tell people the easiest way to avoid bigotry is to conform. I have no idea whay this is such a problem on WOW. Do people have Nerd Guilds or is the Nerd sort of implied when you actually belong to a guild in a computer game??

    konstantConsumer: I follow a lot of sports message boards and idiocy is pretty much par for the course on those (team message boards in particular). It really shouldn’t shock you that people call eachother fags and queers and such. If you follow football I recommend for pro football and for college. The idiot quotient is exceedingly low on those sites.

    Of course I’m not the best example of someone who is sensetive to people’s sexual preference.

  7. Jillsy says:

    I was listening to World of Warcraft podcast “The Instance” today (because I’ve no motivation to go to the gym unless I can play WoW vicariously while I’m there, and also because I’m just that geeky). Anyway, the two hosts couldn’t even say what LGBT stood for, but they agreed that if Christian groups were allowed to form guilds then it was discriminatory not to allow gays to do the same.

    It was pretty funny though:
    “I think it means lesbian, gay, and bisexual tolerant?”
    “No, actually, it’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transexual.”

  8. konstantConsumer says:

    rowdy, i totally love Every Day Should Be Saturday. it really helps that they are gator fans as well. i actually haven’t heard of football outsiders before. i’ll be sure to check it out.

    i should note that, while being gay, i’m not super sensitive about the topic. check out some dan savage, and you will get my general ideas on “PC.” however, it drives me insane that moderators will be be vigalent about any discriminatory comments, unless they are against women or gays.

  9. Kishi says:

    I read through that whole chain (yes, I’m bored and somewhat of a masochist) and I have to give the poster MattyMatt credit for coming up with a slur for cyborgs in his argument. Heh, “toaster-face”. Beautiful.

    Rowdy, I’m going to have to check out a couple of those sites, too. I’ve found Deadspin has enough intelligent discourse to be worth the effort most of the time.

  10. fizzer fits says:

    Ah my apologies John, I’ll make sure to now kiss your ass for that superb prose.

    Well, thank god for the subject matter; I might feel out of place in any other thread running around locking lips with other guy’s anuses.