Lambda Legal Clucks Tongue At Blizzard For Anti-Lesbian Guild Policy

Speaking of virtual sex, Lambda Legal has gotten involved in the Blizzard debate over whether or not gay and lesbian friendly guilds (clubs of players who enjoy playing with one another in online games, for those unfamiliar with the jargon) are allowed to advertise in their wildly popular game, World of Warcraft. Lambda Legal is an activist group aimed at protecting the civic rights of gay, lesbian and transgendered Americans, and they’ve sent Blizzard a friendly letter, asking them to cave on their current policy: citing gay and lesbian players for mentioning their sexual preference, ostensibly because it makes them targets of bigotry.

Blizzard appears to already be caving on the issue, but Lambda Legal is going for the fatality, and our buddies over at Kotaku have posted the whole letter that was sent to Blizzard. We’re glad to see Blizzard show some sense here: although protecting your users from harassment is a noble goal, this is the equivalent of telling blacks not to make their race known so that they can avoid virtual lynchings. Blizzard would be better off actively punishing the ubiquitous bigotry in their game than penalizing the victims.