The Week in Comments

Perhaps more than most other Gawker Media titles, The Consumerist lives and breathes for your comments and tips. Here’s some of this week’s best threads, along with unfairly out-of-context excerpts.

French Use Naked Women To Sell Cheese
“Still, that’s one hot-looking cheese holder.”

What’s Your Favorite Rewards Program?
“Obviously, only a good deal if you’re an LLBean customer, but as a Mainer, I am required to be by law.”

Consumers Need Advice: Verizon Service “Upgrade” Brought Negative Changes
“Hosting providers are great, and all, but nothing beats the sense of walking over to your “server” and being in charge of your own hardware.”

‘Broadband Scandal’: How the Phone Companies Screwed Us All
“To the average consumer who hears the word VoIP, which is now becoming part of the mainstream with products from Vonage, be wary of any congressional regulation that should come out in the future regarding this service.”

T-Mobile Hikes SMS Price, Calls Old Price ‘Discounted’
“Yay, I made the front page!”

Commentors Point / Counterpoint: Attitude Relevance in Good Customer Service
“What I don’t understand is why CSRs seem to forget what it is like to be a customer.”

Blizzard Enforces Anti-Lesbian, Pro-Bigot Guild Policy
“This maneuver is detailed in a binder on some Blizzard exec’s desk labeled ‘Instantly Vaporize Favorable Press.'”

Dominoes Pizza Fires Driver for Being Robbed
“By a show of hands, whose employer allows you to carry a weapon to work?”

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