What’s Your Favorite Rewards Program?

Reader Rik P. wants to know about your favorite rewards programs:

I think it would be useful to poll folks on how they feel about the various credit card reward programs out there. My girlfriend has been using one of those frequent flyer mile credit cards and has yet to earn anything close to a free trip, despite three years of charging.

I, on the other hand, have been amassing points in Citi’s Thank You Network like nobody’s business. It helps that I was able to switch my bank account and two credit cards all to the same rewards program. But I’m far from a big charger. And yet I already have collected enough points to get a lovely 15-piece Calphalon knife set, a decent digital camera, and soon a mountain bike. Not bad for almost zero effort on my part.

I’d be curious about other people’s experiences with their rewards programs.

We’re curious about more than just credit card rewards, too, even if that means you’re going to be busting out the Subway Club Card.