Consumers Speak: Paying Twice for One Phone Number

Fun with number portability! You read Robert N’s and offer any advice, if you can. Our take? Sounds like he needs to escalate the issue with Earthlink. We don’t see how they can refuse to turn off his service if we requests it.

I have a story I would like to share regarding local number portability, and would like to solicit advice regarding an apparent black-hole for customer service:

Last year (November 22nd, to be exact), I transferred my mobile number from Earthlink Wireless to Sprint. Simple, right? Not even close, but I didn’t realize it until recently reviewing my credit card statement and noticing automatic payment charges from Earthlink Wireless for the mobile number – now with Sprint.

Assuming this was a simple billing error on the part of Earthlink Wireless, I contacted their customer service department and was swiftly refused a refund. Earthlink Wireless claimed the issue was with Sprint’s number portability department, and to contact them regarding a resolution.

Upon contacting Sprint, I was told the porting process completed per usual and that Earthlink was the responsible party.

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Just to be clear, my mobile number was ported on Nov. 22nd of 2005. Since then, in addition to the usual (and expected) charges from Sprint for service to my mobile number, I have also been billed by Earthlink Wireless for service to *the very same number*!

At this point, both parties refuse to take *any* action. None. Nada.

Apparently, I must continue to pay ~$80/month to Earthlink Wireless for service to a number, currently under contract with Sprint. Am I loosing my mind, or is this some new form of consumer torture?

I need advice. Bad. Thanks for any you can provide.