Cranky Brits Force Queen Mary 2 Refund

If there’s one take home from this story about refunds given to passengers of the Queen Mary 2 after she failed to stop at three ports of call on her latest cruise, it’s that no matter how bad a situation is, it’s always made worse by British people.

However, there were reports of discord among the passengers, many of whom blamed “whingeing” Britons for spoiling the cruise with their protest.

“Most people I have talked to think these people are nuts,” one passenger told The Times of London newspaper.

“The group of 1,500 are 98 per cent British. No offence to anyone British but they are making you all look quite bad. The sooner they are off the ship in Rio, the happier the rest will be.”

Cunard Line was at first only going to refund 50% of the cruise cost. Thanks probably in part to all that whingeing, the line will be refunding the entire cost plus the airfare of the unhappy cruise passengers. (Thanks, Ann!)