The Bad Landlord Story Site

There’s not yet many stories on, a site that chronicles “bad landlords we have known,” but we see a kindred spirit. You might remember the name ‘Trembicky’ from the story “‘Gloria Trembicky is a Bad Landlord.’” Inspired by the success of that complaint, takes its name from the landlord who first terrorized the site’s creators.

While we certainly welcome your complaints about landlords, as well, we also know what it’s like to try and get a new site off the ground. If you’ve got a hairy tale of rental gone bad, why don’t you drop them a line.

And a word of advice to bad landlords everywhere: Be sure to register your vanity domain before you start being a scum bag, lest it become the property of those who hate you.


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  1. mrscolex says:

    Ms. Trembicky probably won’t appreciate her sudden thrust into the public spotlight. Regardless of whether or not their story is completely true, they’ve just opened themselves up for a defamation lawsuit…

  2. People Paula says:

    My old landlord screamed at my boyfriend, left threatening notes, tried to steal my dog & stole a family heirloom painting when we moved out.

    He later stalked us to return it.

  3. strawberrie says:

    As long as every thing they have posted is true there can not be a lawsuit. its the same as ppl walking in your apt. to see it in hopes of renting and you telling them everything that is wrong with it. now if they lied and nothings documented, thats a dif. story. i just had the landlord company from hell and I have some awfull pictures also. I had a leak in my computer room that they came into investagate, they tore up half the carpet and left it that way for 3 months, also to fix the leak they toar up my lining outside on my balcony and layd it back down and cocked it with cocking.