Commentors Speak: Responsible Ways To Get Your Waiter Fired

We love you guys. When we launched, there was a concern that our comments section would be filled with one-noted, petulant griping — after all, that’s pretty much all we post. But we think you guys are pretty much on the same ball we are — at heart, we aren’t commune hippies with irrational hatred of capitalism, but avid consumers who love buying enough to try to remain unblinkered, who try to remain reasonable beyond both irrational hatred or the empty titillation of some savvy PR temptress.

Our comments section is just great — even when you disagree with us, there’s some great insight and advice, and we try to highlight it when we can. Like this word of practical, responsible advice from flyover, in response to our ‘Bad Waitress’ post:

Always get a manager involved. Always. Leave a shite tip, fine, but that does not prevent that person from offering horrible service to every other person walking in that door. Of course, you’d have to care about more than yourselves to do that. And I realize, a competent manager should *notice* if you’re not being taken care of, but if s/he doesn’t, give a heads up! Before you’re storming out the door! Also, bad interactions with guests can give us the documentation we need to get rid of poor servers.

This is really the kind of thing we like to see — not the “wouldn’t it be awesome” wishful thinking of some irked customer publically fantasizing a vengeful flip-off, but the kind of objective, real-world advice that, if applied by a lot more of us, would lead to better service all around. Thanks, flyover, and to the rest of you — keep commenting!