Starbucks Contest: The Winner!

First, Congratulations to Gregg Schultz, whose ‘Clash of the Titans’ story has been overwhelmingly selected by readers as the winner of the Starbucks contest. He’ll be getting a $500 gift certificate to Starbucks, with which he will be able to purchase as many large coffees as he desired. As as a commentor noted, his story of triumph is certain to be optioned into an uplifting Hollywood movie at nearly at time. (We’ll expect to be your date to the Golden Globes, Gregg.)

And since there’s not that much to add to that, we’ll ask you a totally unrelated question this morning: What’s the easiest experience you’ve had signing up for a secured credit card? We need to get one and have had awful luck getting banks to actually take our money. Amazing, we know, but that is the way of American business.


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  1. Ben Sherman says:

    You people who voted for Gregg are jerks. Pshaw, fine, pick the best writing, use the democratic polling process to CHOOSE WISELY.


    Congratulation, Mr. Schultz, I bow to your abilities.

  2. Rick says:

    It just goes to show you, if you want to win a contest, you have to lie.

    And US Bank has a very easy program and they give you savings account interest on the security deposit, but charge you like 23% interest on the card. Ironic?

  3. Felix says:

    Two words: Credit Union. There’s bound to be a few you’re eligible to join for some reason or another — and they work for you, rather than for profit.

  4. greghard says:

    Actually, Bank of America sent me an offer for a secured card ($500 limit, $99 deposit in a savings account), which was shocking to ME since at the time I had no credit. I still have that card, but it has since been converted to an unsecured card.