Remainders: Digg and Slate Edition

Although we don’t intend to make this a regular feature just yet, we spotted a rash of Consumeristy links over at Digg that we thought we’d pass on.

DLP bulbs and Dynamic settings [HDBeat] This goes for all bulb-based displays, including projectors. And these bulbs cost hundreds of bucks, on average.

Restaurant Sued For Playing Copyrighted Music [CBS13] This isn’t a new development, actually. BMI licenses are also technically required by restaurants or clubs featuring cover bands.

Apple Ranked Top Brand in U.S. [MacObserver]

What to do when they ask for your Social Security Number [Totse]

Sick and Twisted: The creepy new ad for Theraflu. [Slate]

Congratulations, You’ve Been Upgraded: What I learned from my medical-insurance victory. [Slate]