Loompanics Going Out of Business Sale

Alternative bookseller and publisher Loompanics—and by ‘alternative,’ we mean titles like ‘ADVANCED TECHNIQUES OF CLANDESTINE PSYCHEDELIC AND AMPHETAMINE MANUFACTURE,’ ‘SATAN SPEAKS!’ and ‘HOW TO DATE YOUNG WOMEN’—is going out of business. They’ve put all their titles on sale for a flat 50% on a first-come, first-serve basis. With topic areas from ‘Anarchism and Egosim’ and ‘Head for the Hills’ to ‘Prison’ and ‘Rock and Roll,’ Loompanics provides a wide variety of information for those who seek to step outside the norms of society—or at least impress high school crushes on Girls Who Do.

Most businesses don’t announce their going out of business after thirty years with a comic strip, either. That’s classy. (Seriously.)

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