Pick the Winner of the Starbucks Complaints Contest

The voting for the Starbucks Contest is in place after the jump. Read the entries then make your choice. The winner will be forced to go to Starbucks to redeem their $500 Starbucks gift certificate. Voting ends upon our waking tomorrow morning!

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  1. Danilo says:

    No contest — Clash of the Titans is one of the most rousing pieces of drama ever electronically transmitted. Bruckheimer needs to option the movie from Gregg pronto.

    I hope you’ll trade schwag for terrifying consumer stories at least monthly.

  2. Juancho says:

    Gregg’s going to be getting a lot of free “larges” soon.

  3. Ben Sherman says:

    If you vote for me, i will drink so many eggnog lattes that I will puke.

    I will photograph this.

    It will happen within a store in the DC area.

    And I’ll order a large, every time.

  4. rogerbux says:

    Dear Consumerist (If indeed that is your real name); The frikkin Starbucks store on 15th Avenue East in Seattle’s Capitol Hill section has endured a broken and boarded up window for over two weeks now. This in the city where Starbucks World Headquarters is just a three minute limo drive down the street to the Industrial Sector. If it were the Starbucks in Paris, Tokyo or Capetown, haunted by a gaggle of wannabe art therapists, then the broken window would be fixed pronto, probably with a Pinkerton’s escort, lights flashing, sirens wailing, and fifty calibers at the ready. After emailing Starbucks HQ two nights ago, we have awoken to find that the Starbucks on 15th East, window is still boarded up, as the culture wars endure. When the Starbuckos return from their Mediterranean yacht parties, perhaps they would be kind enough to explain to the Seattle-Capitol Hill voters as to why they would take their sweet time fixing a frikkin window. Have a wunnerful Krismus…lotsaluv….Marty xxx