Everyday Hogwash: Oh, That Life!

VOIP provider SunRocket has launched Everyday Hogwash, a contest site where bloggers can submit their complaints about niggling problems for a chance to win cash prizes. SunRocket’s marketing tag line is “the no-gotcha phone company,” from which they are stringing a tenuous line to the theme of the website . (We have yet to divine what Commander Sisko on ecstacy has to do with life’s little problems, but we aren’t in marketing.)

‘Isn’t life annoying?’ they imply, as the first day’s competitors discuss topics like buying coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts and talking to a daughter’s psychoanalyst. (‘Hey Teenage Daughter, sorry you’re crazy, but I blogged about it on the internet and won $200! Or would of, except for that fuckin’ donut story! Anyway, get back in the box.’)

What we don’t see are any stories on Everyday Hogwash about how annoying it can be to use SunRocket’s VOIP service, an oversight that Om Malik is happy to rectify. At least they could have had the balls to post complaints about competitors, but paying people to disparage the enemy is probably against some sort of law. (Which is exactly why we don’t pay our tipsters—not because we’re totally cheap and happy to exploit your pain for free.)

So in honor of this strange marketing endeavor, we encourage you to send us any complaints you might have about SunRocket’s VOIP service. We’ll select the best 100% and put them on the internet, where your prize will be switching to another VOIP provider.

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