Amazon Pushes X-Rated Animation as ‘Anime’

Imagine the outrage from parents if the first returned product on Amazon in a search for ‘movies’ returned a hardcore pornography DVD. Adam, a fan of the Japanese cartoon stories known as ‘anime,’ has noticed something perhaps even worse: Searches for ‘anime’ on Amazon return results for ‘hentai,’ or adult, X-rated anime films. The top result [as pictured] is for a hentai film called ‘Princess 69,’ which as a reviewer describes as such:

If you’re into non-con, excellent animation, girls going down on girls… you might like this. I don’t much care for the enema or watersports parts of this film, but the facial expressions are priceless and lovely. These girls have the most wonderful “I am shocked, my mind has cracked by what is being done to me” expresions, they cry tears, they are bound, taped, mildly electrocuted, made to “initiate” new members, and brutally given sex.

Now we have absolutely no problem with Amazon selling Japanese animation for adults; We know that some cartoons are made with adult themes for adults’ enjoyment. But what we don’t understand is why Amazon needlessly conflates anime and hentai. Many anime fans, often already scorned as creeps by those not familiar with the range of themes offered by mainstream anime, are worried that Amazon’s lack of distinction between anime and hentai will both further the perception that all anime fans are also fans of hentai, as well as put children looking for traditional anime titles in an awkward position.

Of course, we just searched for ‘movies’ in Amazon and the first return was for ‘head cleaner,’ so perhaps there’s a whole subtext to Amazon that we’ve been missing all these years.

Update: They fixed it! Well done, Amazon.


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  1. SamC says:

    I think most stores that sell anime have this problem. Even my local video rental store gets confused. (Where Blue Girl is filed right next to Blue Gender.)

    The general idea of “cartoon” is pretty well lodged in the mind of us Americans. The idea that animation might be used to make porno doesn’t quite register on most people’s minds.

    Running across hentai is probably quite a shock to the average consumer.

  2. scingram says:

    Ah the stigma of Hentai on the average anime viewer. No other genre associates itself with this sort of branding that I am aware of. Just funny really when you say you watch anime and you are talking about something like Macross, or Gundam, and they are thinking tentacles and well more tentacles. Oh well. It has been getting better, but quite frankly it really dosent matter. Everybody has the right to their own oppinion. The issue here is that Amazon needs to filter their anime selection a little better. Not just for the random customer out there that might get offended, but also to provide a better more focused shopping experience to those of us actually looking for normal anime.

  3. nweaver says:

    Amazon, however, has enough Geeks on Staff that the difference between “Anime” and “Henti” should be well known. Additionally, Amazon is falling down on the “monitor the blogosphere” job, because its still that way now. In fact, the list is

    “Princess 69 pt 1”, “Rurouni Kenshin Anime Reverse Blade Katana Free Stand”, “Private Sessions 2”, “Strange Love”, “Golden Boy – Essential Anime Collection (Vols. 1 & 2) DVD (1995)”, “Sins of the Sister”, and “Cowboy Beebop”…

    So of the top 7, 5 are hentai.

    Wild Ass Guess: I think what is happening is that Amazon’s bot bases things on search and popularity (# purchased), and they probably sell a lot more “Princess 69” over “Spirited Away”. Pitty.

  4. SamC says:

    Yes, they probably do have enough geeks on staff. But, if they’re anything like most of the geeks I know, they’re not going to admit that they know the difference between anime and hentai.

    Try explaining it to a boss with a straight face.

  5. nweaver says:

    Someone fixed it. A search for “anime” no longer reveals all the hentai crap.