Latest iTunes Dials Home Without Your Permission

We don’t mind it when software dials back home to its creator company—we mind when it does so without asking. Apparently the newest version of iTunes (6.0.2) includes a ‘Mini-Store’ pane which sends information about the current song you are listening to back to Apple (via a company called ‘Omniture’) so they can push suggested albums or songs based on your existing collection. Readers of Boing Boing have determined that turning off the Mini-Store does deactivate the behavior, but it’s something of which you should be aware.

Why does it matter? In this particular case, it really doesn’t. Apple is just trying to sell you some more iTunes downloads. But the fact remains that your listening habits should be your own business and if Apple wants to collect your personal information so as to better tailor their offers to you, they should have to ask your permission first. (Even though that likely means burying such terms inside a cryptic EULA.)

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