Eco-Furniture Sells Mass Produced Beds

We’re not sure which of these mass-produced bed are “exemplifying symmetry, balance, and harmony with the natural world,” but we’re assured that the “peace & tranquility” are much more abundant when you buy from GreenCulture Furniture. On GreenCulture’s the ‘Sensay’ bed is made of “kiln-dried sustainably harvested solid merbau” with “rails … constructed of plywood with merbau veneer.” Every other retailer that sells the bed calls it the ‘Edo.’

And lest you think we were shopping for beds all on our lonesome, we were prompted to look into by Alex L., who writes:

The company is called Green Culture.
They operate several e-commerce sites including
I bought a wood platform bed from them that their web site said would be custom made for me.
Yet when it arrived it had a sticker on it saying that it was made in May of 2004, 3 months before I ordered it.
Moreover the packaging indicated that it was not the “Malibu” bed I ordered but a “Coronado” made by Lifestyle Solutions and commonly available from many other retail sites, both Internet brick and mortar, including charged $695 and has a no-return policy on their “custom-made” furniture.
These other sites sold the bed for $299.
When I pointed out that the bed was not custom made they said they they had a different definition of custom made from what appeared on their web site.
They refused to give me a refund and said it was common practice to rename products.

Update: Actually, the Internet Archive shows that as of a year ago, did advertise the Sensay as “custom” and “built to order.”

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