Postal Workers Busted Stealing Netflix DVDs

Colorado police have charged two postal workers for plucking out Netflix DVDs from the mail.

According to court records, between January and March of 2005, 503 Netflix DVD movies destined for Lyons, Colorado were reported missing or stolen. Netflix told investigators the loss represents 23.33 percent of all DVD movies mailed to that postal area.

Any Netflix subscriber has probably had a movie or two go missing over the course of their subscription. We wonder if disc theft is far more widespread than Netflix would like to acknowledge.

[via Hacking Netflix]


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  1. tomdobb says:

    Netflix is probably more interested in covering up throttling than they are in covering up postal theft.

  2. RandomHookup says:

    Of course, not all the theft happens at the Post Office. Check out the employee mail drop at any large company and you will find a few. Perhaps throttling is simply your neighbors borrowing a day or two and then dropping into the mailbox.

    And I’ve even seen one dropped on the street by the USPS mailbox. I should have “borrowed” it, but it was probably The Sopranos disc with only one episode on it. I put it in the mailbox and felt good about myself for 42 seconds.

  3. tomdobb says:

    Unless my neighbors have made a copy of my mailbox key and are watching and resealing the movies before I get home from work everyday than I doubt they’re being borrowed.

    I’m generally pretty happy with Netflix, but the throttling is just a pain in the ass.

  4. billhelm says:

    I’ve had 2 go missing that I reported, both turned up later on and were just “delayed” in the mail.

    Very satisfied with them. Haven’t had any throttling issues because we don’t use it that heavily.

  5. krcasey says:

    Sorry … throttling? Please explain.

  6. tomdobb says:

    Throttling is how Netflix distributes DVDs to prevent high volume customers from becoming to unprofitable. Basically, if you rent too much from Netflix they withhold shipments/new releases/hard to find DVDs.

    It seems pretty sinister, but I’m still happy with the service overall.

  7. SecureLocation says:

    Post Office thievery is rampant. I sell dvds through Amazon and I refund one in 20 payments because the items never reach the buyer. I stopped sending via Media Mail thinking that might be a flag to these lowlifes that there’s a dvd box set inside.

  8. g-anon-dorf says:

    I used to receive Gamefly mailers weeks after the projected arrival, with almost completely torn envelopes.

    One time a DS game had recent save data on it…