Morning Deals Round-Up: Christmas Clearances, Soniccare, eBay, DVDs

• Today only, pay just 10 cents to list an item on the store the sows distrust in your fellow man: eBay. Obviously they are encouraging you to dump all the crap you got this Christmas and we think you should take advantage of it, because you are never going to fit into that after what you ate this weekend.

• Amazon has a ‘$20 off two DVDs‘ sale of mostly old television collections. Who’s the Boss? That would be Larry Sanders. [via TechBargains]

• Chisel the layers of sugar and bacteria from your holiday teeth with a Soniccare Essence 5300 Power Toothbrush for $70, shipped, or step up to the 5500 with the Quadpacer timer for $86.39. [via Ben’s Bargains]

Circuit City Outlet has deals up to 60% off, which is way, way more than 10%, and slightly more than 50% (which is their normal top discount). That is, at least, according to DealNews, whose year-end sales list has lots of powers of tens with percentage signs after them.

• Enjoy a free interview with The Consumerist’s editor Joel Johnson on Gelf Magazine, where we note he was not important enough to dislodge Warren St. John, even though that interview is dated November 10th.