Big Three Shippers: What Didn’t You Get from UPS, Fedex, and USPS?

Mr. Jarvis has had much in the way of Christmas-time delivery problems, with at least four packages having issues with both Fedex and USPS. Others in his thread have had plenty of problems with the big three shippers, as well.

It seems to us that the level of service with each company tends to vary depending on the temerity of your local delivery driver and the thoroughness of your local distribution center. For instance, at our current location, UPS is dreamy, while at our last apartment, UPS was a guarantee of broken items and shattered dreams of on-time receipt.

But still, we love to hear your pain. What haven’t you received via post or shipment, and what are the companies you ordered from going to do about it?


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  1. tomdobb says:

    Amazon notified USPS that my package was ready for shipping on 12/18, it never arrived so I complained to Amazon who said it was lost in shipping. Amazon sent out a free replacement next day air via UPS which arrived on time. All in all I was happy, except for the fact that what I ordered “usually ships in 24 hours” but for some reason took 6 days. The replacement order shipped in less than 24 hours.

  2. Duane says:

    I am basically the receiving guy at my office so I get to hear all the gossip from the carriers. Turns out that for some reason Fedex Ground thought they had extra capacity, so they actually went to FedEx Express and said “We’ll do some of your deliveries.” I even saw one attempted delivery at our office on Sunday, totally unexpected. But, it turns out, they grossly overestimated their abilities and late in the game actually went back to FedEx Express and said “Never mind, can’t do it. They’re back in your lap.” A FedEx Express guy actually admitted to me, “Lots of stuff’s not going to make it for Christmas.”

    Meanwhile Amazon had troubles of its own. First they told me a package would be delivered by 12/24. Never said when it would ship. Until 12/22 when I got email saying “It’s delayed, we need your authorization.” I went to give it, and then the screen said “No idea why you’re here, we don’t need your authorization.” Next day I get email from amazon saying “Yeah, ignore that whole authorization thing, we have plenty of inventory, and we’ll deliver by 12/24 even if we have to deliver on Saturday.” Last I checked, Amazon’s prediction was that the package would be delivered sometime between “Jan 6, 2006 — Dec 24, 2005”. So I told my friend that her gift is stuck in a temporal distortion loop.

  3. Sabree Shah says:

    Normally, I don’t have bad service at all from the shippers, but apparently, I bought some CDs from someone off ebay before thanksgiving and they got shipped the day after I paid.

    It’s been several weeks. The CDs haven’t arrived, so I contacted the seller, who was very nice and she told me I should have gotten them by now.

    I haven’t.

    We’re assuming the CDs are lost.