What’s the Most Poorly Packaged Item You’ve Received This Xmas?

It’s the season of shipping, when every stocking is stuffed with truck stop amphetamines and UPS men cry themselves to sleep at the wheel. So far we’ve lucked out—nearly all our packages have come in with ample packing and nary a scuffed corner.

But our luck is surely just that. Let The Consumerist see your most poorly packaged items. Include pictures if you can, so that we may share your pain with the 10th-most-popular marketing engine, the internet.


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  1. riffola says:

    I bought a pair of gloves from Timberland.com since they were not available at the store in Manhattan, and apart from taking forever to ship ’em out, the box that they arrived in was slightly pancaked, thankfully the gloves were unharmed.

  2. ocean11 says:

    I and took advantage of the 40 hour Tivo for 12 bucks. Figured it would be a decent Christmas present for the family. Since my wife has ordered a ton of stuff from Amazon, I told her I was expecting a package, so please check the shipping label, and if it was addressed to me, don’t open it. I got home last night, and lo and behold, the Tivo arrived. Only problem was that there was no external packaging, that is, Amazon slapped a shipping label and invoice on the outside of the Tivo box (you know, the one that shows pictures of Tivo, screams Tivo in print, and has Tivo logos all over it) and simply mailed it off. So much for the surprise of getting a Tivo from Santa.

    I’ve never seen Amazon do that, and it would have been nice if they actually thought that people ordering items right before Christmas might be giving them as GIFTS. Sheesh! What would they have done if you requested gift wrapping? Wrap it, complete with bow, and slap a shipping label and invoice on that?

    Thanks for an informative and funny site. We need your voice.