Shoplifters Run Down by Marines

Two lessons to be learned from this story about shoplifters in Ft. Myers, Florida.

1. There are special bags called ‘boosters’ that are lined with a material that prevents security sensors from being activated by stolen goods—at least according to the police in the NBC-2 News article.

2. If one is to shoplift using a booster, do not do it near a couple of young buck marines, because they will run you down.

Beltran made it past two Lee County deputies and mall security. But as he crossed U.S. 41, he met his match.
“We saw officers chasing him so we took off after the guy because the officer was far behind,” said Private Ryan Pitts of the U.S. Marine Corps.


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  1. TheChaz says:

    As I understand it, “boosters” (or “boost bags,” as I’ve also heard them called) need only be lined with ordinary aluminum foil in order to *ahem* foil those store-entrance arch thingies. They’re supposedly pretty effective, because you can line a bag that looks legitimate. For example, in a mall setting, a Nordstrom bag lined with foil and then white paper won’t arouse suspicion, where a backpack might.

  2. mrscolex says:

    Why on earth would Michelle Rodriguez stoop so low? First her DUI in Hawaii and now stealing from Florida malls…