Morning Deals Round-Up: eMacMonitor

• We’re unsure how the NYC transit strike can make us late to work when we work from home, but by god we’ve managed to do it. In celebration, have a full-blown computer for $250, after multiple rebates. Slickdeals has the details.

• Or if you’re ready to cast off the Windows hegemony for a smaller, quieter hegemony, Amazon is selling the slower Mac mini for $470 after a $25 mail-in rebate. Not a great deal, but getting a good deal on a new Mac is rare, because Apple controls the supply chain.

• If you’re a New Yorker forced to work from home today, think about how much more enjoyable it would be with two foot of monitor in front of your face. Dell’s Ultrasharp 2405FPW 24-inch widescreen LCD is back on sale for just $900. Or, wait for the upcoming 30-inch model with HDCP.

• Woot’s deal of the day is gone. It was a baby turtle in a jar of honey. Those go crazy fast.

Basic red Roomba for $100. Ours is broken, so we’re a little upset with them, but otherwise we’re sort of in love with our little hairy robot.