Save Electricity This Winter

We started to read ‘Mr. Electricity’s’ page because we wanted to know about the most efficient way to keep ourselves from freezing this winter, but we sort of got distracted by some of his other information. Mostly because we use gas heat and somewhat because we’ve always wanted to know the answer to this question:

Which uses less electricity:
1. Keeping the AC on constantly.
2. Having the AC on during the day, then turning it off and opening the windows instead in the evening when it’s cool, then turning the AC back on when we go to bed.
The reason I ask is that my roommates think it takes more electricity to turn the AC off and then turn it back on later.

The answer? Turning it off at night is fine, because “it definitely takes more energy to remove that heat constantly rather than removing it just once when you turn the AC back on later.”

This guy knows how to save money using electricity! We think we’re going to turn up the gas heater real toasty and read this for a while. (Thanks, Spring!)

Saving Electricity [Michael Bluejay]


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  1. Mike Panic says:

    Having worked for the elctric department a few years ago, the above example is wrong. An a/c unit, either wall or central, will work harder on start up then it will do contantly maintain a temp. Furthermore, keeping it 1-3 degrees warmer in the summer can lead to savings, as well as getting light colored drapes / blinds on the outside, dark on the inside – this will help to reflect the sunshine and not absorb it.