Live From eBay: Missing Feedback for New Members?; Update: A Scam!

Any ideas, eBayers?

Update: Joe writes:

Plain and simple — that email is a phishing expedition. I received the same message in several accounts that aren’t linked to my eBay account. It’s someone trying to take advantage of eBay requiring you to hit the button to reply.

We wondered why we got that twice in a row. Too bad. We though it was a cute way to ask a question.


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  1. Rick020200 says:

    I’ve seen my feedback take several hours to a day or more to post to my rating.

  2. airship says:

    eBay feedback is misleading, anyway. I ordered some ink cartridges and was shorted one, so I sent an email to the vendor. No reply, at least not until I posted negative feedback. Then he promised to send me the cartridge he has shorted me, but ONLY if I PULLED my negative feedback. So I pulled my feedback and got my cartridge. But I was being blackmailed. And you can only leave feeback once, so now there is NO feedback on eBay for this transaction, even though the guy was uncooperative and kind of sleazy.

  3. SecureLocation says:

    Watch out for the phishers who claim to be from eBay–and look like they are–asking for credit card updates. They look legit–and this twice happend to me after I actually did switch cards–until you get to the part where they ask for you bank PIN number!

  4. EEBRIAC says:

    Take it from an eBay employee. this is not related to being a new member, and is most likely an isolated bug or a delay due to busy servers. New members and powersellers are treated the same as far as feedback is concerned.

  5. The eBay toolbar has a nifty feature that squeals like a stuck pig when your browser navigates to a phishing Web site. Sadly, it only works with Internet Exploder on Windows, which means you have to use an insecure browser if you want to be more secure from phishing attacks.