eBay UK Weighed Down by Scammers

eBay UK is getting fraudier, reports the BBC. Crooks aren’t using just the standard, in-system scam, either—selling something they don’t have—but are instead hijacking high-scoring accounts, so better to lure in those who really want to buy a used hot tub.

Adidas told the BBC that it monitored up to 12,000 auctions involving its goods every day on the British site – yet it estimated that up to 40% of all Adidas products available were counterfeit.

It’s an online auction site—there are going to be some scams. Forty percent, however, is somewhat amazing. And if we can’t trust customer ratings, then what does eBay offer that Craigslist does not?

eBay faces up to online fraud [BBC]


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  1. Jay says:

    The scary part is that 40% doesn’t even sound that bad compared to what’s happening to some other brands. Tiffany did a quasi-study last year, where they had an employee go on eBay and buy about 200 products items labeled as “authentic Tiffany”. About 75% of them were fake.