PriceGrabber Grabbed for $480 Million

Little ol’ PriceGrabber has been picked up by the UK holdings company that also controls Experian for $485 million. How does that affect you, the shopper?

No freaking clue, because we’re just about as useless when it comes to big business as you. But we’re moderately fond of Pricegrabber, which is the number-three shopping comparison site behind Shopzilla and

In honor of their windfall, we ask you this: what’s your favorite feature of Pricegrabber? And of course, what’s your most hated?


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  1. Mike Panic says:

    $480m for a company that doesn’t sell a darn thing!

  2. Mike Panic says:

    And… doesn’t product a single product!

  3. Dealhack says:

    I am a big fan of the PriceGrabber Firefox dropdown search option & use it all the time. I often check out results on several comparison engines. For some reason, PriceGrabber has become my favorite, probably because their results are really easy to understand at a glance.