Blockbuster: Some Stores Charging Late Fees Again

Looks like the ‘No Late Fees’ policy isn’t working out for all Blockbusters, as franchised stores in Arkansas are doing away with the program. While not all Blockbusters chose to participate in the program in the first place, if you live in Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, or Tennessee, be sure to ask your local store if they are still doing the ‘No Late Fees’ program.

If you recall, this is the same ‘no fees’ program that, you know, charged a lot of late fees to customers.

Blockbuster last winter said it would drop late fees, but its fine print said the company would charge consumers the cost of the video if they kept the movies too long. If the movie was subsequently returned, the charge would be refunded but there would be a $1.25 restocking fee. In March, the Dallas-based company settled complaints heard in 47 states and authorized refunds for offended customers.

Sadly, we don’t expect this to get any less confusing over the next few years. Movie and television downloads are set to cut heavily into Blockbuster and Netflix’ market (even more that it already does).

Oh, we’ve always wanted to ask: Who tears off just the very tip of a movie ticket? (Thanks, John!)

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