PriceRitePhoto: Now ‘Barclay’s Photo’; Don Wiss Threatened

Thomas Hawk continues his investigation into PriceRitePhoto, telling us the scam photo seller has changed its name to ‘Barclay’s Photo.’

Thus far the names that seem to be tying together include PriceRitePhoto, Barclay’s Photo, Film4Less, Edigix, CP Industries, The Camera Zone, TheCameraMall, Film Shop, Film Shop Clipper USA.

Even worse, it would appear that Don Wiss, the guy who biked around Brooklyn taking pictures of the spaces the camera shops weren’t, has received a death threat—just like the call Lee Holmes got just a couple of months ago.

Is it possible that all these bad Brooklyn camera stores are actually being run by just a few people?

PriceRitePhoto Update #21, Changing Names at eBay to Barclay’s Photo [ThomasHawk]