Ironic Snow Globe Teaches Acceptance

When once we lived next to the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge, we were delighted to find that each rain storm taught us a little bit about how recycling works in New York City. We would stand on the edge of the roof, looking down to the torrent of water rushed from what we imagined was the eastern end of Long Island into the East River, each gallon of water carrying the cast off packaging of a million purchases. Each plastic bag and juice box washed into the river and was sucked directly to the bottom, where the crushing weight of the water compressed the trash back into its original state. Commercial divers sank to the depths to recover the reconstituted trees and tie off bladders of crude oil and fruit to their belts.

This “I Heart NY Snow Globe” from the New York Public Library shop honors nature’s miraculous process and reminds us all to give a little back this Holiday season by chucking our shopping bags to the nearest crosstown wind. (Thanks, Steeltoe!)

Catalog Page [The Library Shop]

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