Morning Deals Round-Up

Woot‘s pushing their own wine again. As homebrewers, we have nothing but empathy for their project. As drunks, we find the price of $55 for three bottles buzz prohibitive.

• Amazon is discounting the Philips DVP642 Divx-Certified Progressive Scan DVD Player down to $50, with free shipping. That’s a decent price, although not an amazing one. If you do not yet own a DVD player but find yourself open to the possibility, the DVP642 can also play most movies you’ve downloaded and burned to CD or DVD. [via Slickdeals]

• Circuit City has a Gamecube bundle with two controllers and Mario Party 7 for $99.99, shipped free. There are also two $15 off $100 coupons. Add something cheap to meet the minimum, then use one: NVAY8J6AJF or B9A4WD4A2J

• Borders has a 20% off employee coupon that will expire in a couple of days.

• Investiage the CompUSA Cost + 5% Sale. We suspect some things will be a good value, but for many popular, high volume items, their margin is probably 5% or less already.

• A complete Nintendo Entertainment System library is up for auction on eBay. 781 titles, although not all are factory-sealed. Expect this to go in the high thousands.

• Gawker upperclassman Jonno reminds us that the sick Calphalon sale at Amazon continues.