Jenny’s Got a Blog

Nestled inside MSN Spaces like a leaking hideaway bed, Jennifer Convertibles has a blog. And what a blog it is, filled with the joyous outpourings of happy customers, each of whom could only have been happier with their selection if the couch had itself hacked apart their interred loved ones with an axe.

And if we use the frequency of posts as a metric, Jennifer Convertibles gets one-to-two satisfied customers every month. Too bad all the really cool furniture stores have moved on to myspace. (Thanks, Bucky!)


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  1. nytnick says:

    I notice they didn’t comment on all the lawsuits and complaints filed against them. I also notice that they don’t talk about the fact that they have been sued 3 times by 3 different attorney generals and that each time they have been forced to settle for $250-$300k. Their couches suck, they suck and their customer service can lick my… argh! I hate them! Word of advice… don’t buy anything from JC. I did, and I regret it.