The Best Desk Chair for People Who Can Afford Desk Chairs

Great chairs for that ass. But first, a personal complaint: We have written for Slate before. We have grown used to the long editing process, because we had presumed we needed the help. Yet, mull this quote from the ‘Search for the Best Desk Chair’ article:

“This sit is the bomb.”

Oh Slate, how you’ve grown with us. In our dreams you drop beats of assorted density to front the rhymes of Garrison Keillor and Wilford Brimley.

But yes, chairs! Seth Stevenson’s ass says the $950 ‘Liberty’ by Humanscale (pictured) is the clear winner, with mesh galore, a strong reclining position, and no knobs or levels. Exciting!

And if we may recommend a more affordable option, we have yet to break the $250 Office Depot Aeron Clone, despite being built like we were intended to make a living hewing something.

A Search for the Best Desk Chair [Slate]


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  1. Adele H says:

    So delighted I am being encouraged to sync up the humor and consumer parts of my brain. Wheeee! Best of luck with this blessed site.

  2. fauxmarc says:

    Aren’t knobs and levers what an office chair is all about? As with a new car, video game, or mobile phone, the best part is in the initial setup, (over)configuring it until it’s absolutely perfect for you. The Humanscale Liberty has to be pretty great if it’s a good fit without adjustment.

  3. Adam Fields says:

    Staples has a similar chair for $150:

    Not quite as adjustable in the same way, but it’s cheaper, and still pretty sturdy and comfortable.