Consumeristas Speak: Lenovo’s Free Thinkpad Battery Bait and Switch

B.L. Ochman writes:

This is about a bait & switch by Lenovo, from whom I just bought a $2,500 Thinkpad. I bought the computer from their site, paying $300 more than it would have cost on because I wanted to configure it. And had a fucked up policy.

Anyhow, when I ordered the computer, there was a promotion on the site that offered free shipping, as well as an extra battery, a cheap printer and some other stuff. I told the salesperson I wanted the battery. He came back and said they were out of them and did I want a printer. No, i didn’t want a damn cheapo printer. I wanted a battery.

If they were out of stock they could have sent it when they got some more. It’s not like this is a product that is rare. But no, the bait & switch was ‘cheapo printer or go to hell.’

Now the guy tells me he can’t do anything about it because that promotion is over. “As for the promotion I do apologize but we are not able to offer it to you since the order was placed after the promotion expired, alternate promotions were offered as was free shipping.”

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