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Guy Using $25K In Savings To Attend Every Knicks Game This Season “Never Thought It’d Be This Bad”

The dream of splashing out the big bucks to follow your favorite sports team around might sound like a crazy idea, but one guy managed to make the whole thing crazier by spending $25,000 of his life savings to attend every single one of the New York Knicks’ 82 games this year. The team is currently 5-35 for the season. [More]

Burger King Brings Back 15-Cent Chicken Nuggets In Price War With McDonald’s

Burger King Brings Back 15-Cent Chicken Nuggets In Price War With McDonald’s

If you have a massive craving for chicken nuggets, great news out of your local fast-food outlets: the nugget price wars have begun. Kind of. After McDonald’s launched its inexplicable deal featuring a box of 50 nuggets for $9.99, Burger King has fired back, offering the more reasonable quantity of ten nuggets for $1.49. It’s all about attracting foot traffic as fast-food outlets try to get American consumers to come back. [More]

Weed Glut: Washington State Marijuana Growers Outpacing Consumer Demand

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It sounds like your cousin Darren Who Still Lives In His Parents Basement’s dream come true: Marijuana growers in Washington State are churning out huge piles of weed, producing more pot than people are buying. [More]

Speaker-Lamps, 4K Action Cams, The Next-Gen Walkman & Other Highlights Of Sony’s New Product Line

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai opened today's event by thanking Sony employees for their work in the wake of the recent attacks against the company. He also thanked consumers who supported the efforts to release "The Interview" in the face of threats against theaters.

It wasn’t all just super-skinny TV sets at the Sony press conference that has been closing out Press Day at International CES for years. The company makes a lot of stuff, and it highlighted a wide range of new products for the coming year and beyond. [More]

Just How Thin Is Sony’s New Crazy-Skinny TV?

Just How Thin Is Sony’s New Crazy-Skinny TV?

I remember when I bought my first widescreen HDTV in 2001. It cost about a month’s pay was deeper than it was wide and weighed about 200 pounds. And it was only a 38″ screen. Thirteen years later, I’m at International CES staring at a much wider TV that is skinnier than a smartphone. [More]

Crowds of tech reporters lined up to learn about the Baby GlGl, a $120 baby bottle that tells you you're holding it wrong.

Meet The Anti-Gas Baby Bottle, The Smart Flower Pot & The $40 Web-Connected 9 Volt Battery

Even though International CES — the mammoth electronics show that takes over Las Vegas every January — doesn’t technically begin until Tuesday, a horde of appetizer-hungry press descended on the CES Unveiled pre-show on Sunday night for free food and beer, and to look at some new products. [More]


18 Times Our Readers Got The Absolute Best Gift Ever

There’s nothing like the moment when you realize that you’ve just received your heart’s desire in the form of a gift from someone else. Not only does it mean adding something wonderful to your life — whether it’s that prized toy you’ve been coveting, freedom from tyranny or a new fuzzy friend. Speaking of fuzzy, we asked you, our wonderful, giving readers a few weeks ago to tell us about the best gift you’ve ever gotten, whether it was Christmas, Hanukkah or just a regular day. [More]


Guy Picks The Lucky Gal With Same Name As His Ex To Fly Around The World With Him

It’s a tale as old as time: Guy meets girl, buys nonrefundable plane tickets for trip around the world, guy and girl part ways, guy seeks new girl but with same name and Canadian passport so tickets don’t go to waste, guy meets new girl, they go around the world. This stuff never gets old. [More]

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How Do You Eat A Live Octopus?

Let’s be clear: There are many things in life I would be willing to try, that at first sound horrifying. Like talking to strangers on the subway before I’ve had any coffee and after I’ve had no sleep, maybe I could manage that someday. But eating a still squirming octopus? That is not on the list. Luckily for those of you who would like to try something that I imagine feels like internal strangulation, someone else is on the job already to show you how. [More]

Pizza Hut Claims It Can Glean Customers’ Dinner Desires From The Subconscious

Pizza Hut Claims It Can Glean Customers’ Dinner Desires From The Subconscious

While most food chains wish they could read all their customers’ minds and magically produce exactly what it is we’ve got a hankering for, Pizza Hut is claiming that it can actually do that… sort of. Using eye-tracking technology and a tablet, the company says it can pluck UK diners’ desires straight from their subconscious. [More]

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How Do You Ship A Turducken?

When 31-year-old Danny Catullo took over the butcher shop started by his grandfather, he had the same thought that many digitally savvy young adults do when taking charge of a family business: how can I take this online and really rake in sales? [More]

The group Making Change at Walmart says this donation box has been placed in an Oklahoma store asking employees to donate food for their co-workers in need.

Walmart Stores Once Again Asking Employees To Donate Food To Co-Workers In Need

Almost exactly a year ago, a Walmart in Ohio made headlines for an employee food drive intended to help support their fellow Walmart workers. Now come reports of additional stores rolling out the donation bins, showing that the retailers employees try to take care of one another while also spotlighting the question of whether or not Walmart is paying its associates sufficient wages. [More]

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Two Black Friday Shoppers Have Been Camped Outside Best Buy For A Week Already

In the rush of retailers opening their doors for big sales on Thanksgiving Day, the idea of devoted Black Friday shoppers so determined to score deals that they’ll line up hours ahead of time might seem like it’s a thing of the past. Not so, as two friends who have been camped out at their local Best Buy for a week already in order to get the best possible spot in line when the time comes. [More]

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Just Because It’s Legal To Mail Live Birds Doesn’t Mean You Should Send 15 Baby Chicks To Your Ex

It might sound crazy to some that it’s actually legal to send live birds through the mail (with some strict conditions), but what sounds even nuttier is that a guy reportedly mailed his ex-girlfriend 15 baby chicks in some kind of prank/misguided statement about their break-up. [More]

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Here’s Where Veterans And Active Servicemembers Can Eat Free Or Get Special Deals Today

Today is the day when America takes the day to pause and honor the veterans who have served our country. As part of that show of gratitude, many retailers are offering up freebies or deals for veterans as thanks. [More]

Readers’ Reviews Of Papa John’s Fritos Chili Pizza Mixed, Mostly Bad

Readers’ Reviews Of Papa John’s Fritos Chili Pizza Mixed, Mostly Bad

Last week, we shared the somewhat terrifying news that Papa John’s is marketing a pizza topped with Fritos and chili. Yes, the snack chip Fritos. Yes, on a pizza. Yes, on a Papa John’s pizza. We asked whether any of you out in Consumerland had tried it, and some of you were brave enough to. [More]

Chef Who Threatened Yelper Over Negative Review Issues Public Apology

Chef Who Threatened Yelper Over Negative Review Issues Public Apology

We recently brought you the story of a restaurant customer in Cleveland whose one-star Yelp review of a new eatery led to the chef/owner sending the customer angry, threatening messages via Facebook. The Yelper subsequently told us that he’d received a private apology from the chef, but that the restaurant continued to mock him through its social media outlets. After weeks of not directly addressing this story in a public forum, the chef posted an apology late last week. [More]

Charlotte Hornets Offer Fans Burger With 8 Pounds Of Meat For $70

Charlotte Hornets Offer Fans Burger With 8 Pounds Of Meat For $70

While sports fans might not always get to feast on the delicious joy that comes with winning a hard-fought game, there are always crazy concession items to focus on and take part of that losing pain away. Enter the Charlotte Hornets’ entry into insane food concoctions: A burger featuring eight pounds of meat for the bargain price of $70. [More]