Popeyes Customer Claims Drive-Thru Worker Spiked His Drink With Antimicrobial Wipes

While one might think that the only substances that could be used to spike a drink would be perhaps liquid or powder, you learn something new every day. Because it’s possible to spike a soda with not one antimicrobial wipe, but two, as one unhappy Popeyes customer claims. [More]

Southwest Airlines Could Face $12M FAA Fine Over Improper Repairs

Southwest Airlines Could Face $12M FAA Fine Over Improper Repairs

Even the smallest mistake – or three of them – can translate into huge fines for airline companies. Southwest Airlines could be paying a $12 million fine to the Federal Aviation Administration because of allegedly improper repairs to its aircraft going back as far as 2006. [More]

USA Discounters: Where A $650 Laptop Ends Up Costing Army Private $8,626

The USA Discounters website advertises its financing for military servicemembers and government employees.

A discount retailer that sells itself as being friendly to military borrowers has been pushed into the spotlight, thanks to a report highlighting questionable lending and marketing tactics that lead some borrowers into lawsuits where they can’t reasonably defend themselves. [More]

Pumpkin Spice Creep Spotted In Peanut Butter Aisle

As if it weren’t bad enough that there are pumpkin toaster strudels in the freezer cases and Halloween costumes available for sale at Costco, July pumpkin spice creep strikes again, in the form of Pumpkin Pie Spice flavor Jif Whips. If you want to inflict this on someone, they are available at Target. Apparently. [The Impulsive Buy]


N.Y. Bar Changes “No Irish Drunks” Sign To “No Sensitive Drunks”

It’s time for us to make peace with our Irish brethren, America. A veritable war of words between our country and the Emerald Isle sprung up when a cafe in Ireland posted a sign telling “loud Americans” to stay away, a controversy that pulled in a New York establishment warning “NO IRISH DRUNKS” were allowed. The good news is we seem to have settled things and can all agree that anyone can be loud and drunk, we’re all humans, after all. [More]

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How One Appliance Store Unleashed The Streisand Effect On Itself

The New York Times’ “Haggler” column is a standard consumer problem-solving column like many newspapers have, but backed with the brand recognition and vast readership of the NYT. A recent column about a financing dispute between a Texas woman and an appliance store could have just been a mundane account of a dispute over interest payments on a refrigerator, but the company refused to talk to the Times. At all. [More]

Man Charged With Conning Apple Stores Out Of $310,000

Man Charged With Conning Apple Stores Out Of $310,000

It’s not entirely uncommon for a quick trip to the Apple store to ring up a considerable bill. But it was the other way around for a Florida man who allegedly scammed the company out more than $310,000. [More]

Red Lobster's new vertical plating.

Red Lobster Ditching Low-Priced Specials, Introducing Fancier Plating Because It Wants To Be Classy

Love a good deal on 30 shrimp for $11.99, or lobster dishes on the cheap? You won’t be able to get those kinds of steep discount dishes at Red Lobster anymore, now that the former Darden restaurant is with a new company and trying to class its act up. Instead, you’ll get fish plated in a fancier way than before and some higher priced offerings. [More]

Walmart Says Dad Can’t Buy Beer Because He’s Shopping With Teen Daughter

Dear Walmart: Your price may not be beatable, but some would rather shop at a store that doesn't treat them like criminals. (photo: Alex Nobunaga)

Back in college, I’d to the grocery store with friends and we always had to separate the beer from the other items being purchased because anyone chipping in money (yes, this was a time when most people paid by cash or check) had to be of legal drinking age. But if anyone under 21 just happened to be standing in line near the beer, no one cared. This is apparently not the case at Walmart, where a dad was told he couldn’t purchase beer and booze because he was shopping with his teen daughter. [More]

T-Mobile Unveils $100, 10GB Family Plan. Is It Any Good?

T-Mobile Unveils $100, 10GB Family Plan. Is It Any Good?

Family plans are all the rage with wireless companies. Get groups of customers to buy a bucket of data together for a discounted price. This morning, T-Mobile announced a new plan that it hopes will lure customers in from AT&T, but the company isn’t making a big deal out a major restriction that could make the offer unattractive to some families. [More]

AirBNB Squatter’s Kickstarter Backers Revolt After “Would Squat Again” Comment

AirBNB Squatter’s Kickstarter Backers Revolt After “Would Squat Again” Comment

No one can prove with 100% certainty that the person who left a glib comment on the Kickstarter page for the game Confederate Express was Maksym Pashanin, game creator and alleged AirBNB squatter. However, the comment did prompt backers to declare the project a “scam” and demand refunds. [More]

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Shave Ice Purveyor Facing Jail After Beach Town’s Ban On Street Vendors

There’s perhaps nothing so nice as a cool treat on a hot day at the beach, but in one Rhode Island seaside town, opponents of street vendors say the mobile businesses cause too much traffic congestion and other problems. The town has now banned street vendors — except during certain times like festivals or fairs — but one purveyor of Hawaiian shave ice isn’t ready to roll out of town and away from all those beach dollars. [More]

Nissan Expands Recall For Vehicles With Possibly Defective Takata Airbags

Nissan Expands Recall For Vehicles With Possibly Defective Takata Airbags

In a year marred by vehicle recalls, Nissan remained relatively under the radar with fewer than 500,000 cars recalled. But that changed on Saturday when the car company expanded a previous recall over defective Takata-produced airbags, bringing its total to more than 664,000. [More]

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USPS Sued By Feds For Labeling Whistle-Blower A Drug-Using “Terrorist”

If you think an employee of yours might be too quick to gripe or prone to exaggerated complaints, there are proper ways to handle that situation. Among those accepted methods is not falsely telling others that he’s a terrorist and that he’d threatened to blow up your building. [More]

Samsung Galaxy Catches Fire Under 13-Year-Old Girl’s Pillow

Samsung Galaxy Catches Fire Under 13-Year-Old Girl’s Pillow

It’s not all that unusual to fall asleep with your smartphone under your pillow: they make fine alarm clocks, and can hold so much important information that you don’t want it out of your reach, even while unconscious. Yet a Samsung smartphone woke up a 13-year-old girl near Dallas in the middle of the night when it began smoldering. [More]

The End Is Nigh For Room Keys At Hilton-Operated Hotels

The End Is Nigh For Room Keys At Hilton-Operated Hotels

Arriving at the door of your hotel room after a long day of traveling only to find that the key doesn’t work can be a frustrating experience. But that could be a situation of the past for guests at Hilton Hotels now that the company plans to rollout an initiative that would do away with flimsy, magnetic strip keys. [More]

Amusement Park Ride That Swings People 125 Feet In The Air Shut Down After Cable Snaps

The Skyhawk (via Cedar Point)

The last thing you want to have happen when you’re flying 125 feet above the ground at 60 miles per hour is to have something break. So when a cable snapped on an Ohio amusement park’s ride while visitors were in mid-air, witnesses say things got a bit scary. [More]

Delta Looking Into Snippy Comments From Pilot To Air Traffic Control

Delta Looking Into Snippy Comments From Pilot To Air Traffic Control

No one really likes to be corrected, but when that correction is “you’re taking your plane to the wrong runway,” then you should probably appreciate the criticism. That wasn’t the case for one Delta pilot who didn’t take kindly when an air traffic controller at the country’s busiest airport tried to put him on the right path. [More]