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3 More Toxic Salad Beetles Show Up In Canada And Texas

It turns out that fleeing to Canada won’t keep you safe from the Salad Beetle Scourge. You may remember the Iron Cross Blister Beetles turning up in organic salads and pakages of leafy greens across the United States. We learned today of three more discovered in different parts of North America, two of which were in Canada. [More]

AT&T Wants To Be Able To Charge Video Streaming Services For Exemption From Customers’ Data Caps

AT&T Wants To Be Able To Charge Video Streaming Services For Exemption From Customers’ Data Caps

Data caps on home broadband stink, but they’re also a reality for millions of internet users (and probably soon for all of us). And as the FCC’s new open internet rules go into effect in the coming days to protect net neutrality, they’re also becoming one of the main ways in which ISPs can soak up extra cash from consumers and businesses alike. [More]

BMW, Honda & Fiat Chrysler Identify Some Additional Vehicles Affected By Expanded Takata Recall

BMW, Honda & Fiat Chrysler Identify Some Additional Vehicles Affected By Expanded Takata Recall

Automakers began identifying which of their models are affected by the recently expanded Takata airbag recall Thursday, with Fiat Chrysler, BMW and Honda adding hundreds of thousands of vehicles to their already overflowing roster of cars in need of replacement safety devices.  [More]

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Google Maps Adding Offline Search And Navigation “Later This Year”

For all those times you’ve glanced around at an unfamiliar intersection, cursing the wireless signal gods for denying your phone service and thus depriving you access to mapping apps, Google says it’s here to help: The company announced today that soon Google Maps will offer offline search and navigation capabilities. [More]

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Target Wants To Perfect Chip-and-PIN Before Venturing Into Digital Payment Methods

Consumers and businesses alike are always seeking out ways to streamline the checkout experience, most recently with mobile payment systems like Apple Pay and Android Pay. But there’s one major retailer that won’t be jumping into new payment options just yet. [More]


Uber Testing App Enhancements That Help Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Drivers

We’ve covered in the past Uber’s problems with the ride-hailing service’s disabled passengers, which range from ride snubs to service dogs forced to ride in the trunk. It’s worth keeping that in mind when you learn about Uber’s latest change to their driver app to accommodate a different community of people with disabilities: the service is testing changes to its system that make driving for the service possible for people who are deaf. [More]

HBO Now Reportedly Coming To A Google Or Android Device Near You… Soon

HBO Now Reportedly Coming To A Google Or Android Device Near You… Soon

When HBO (kind of) cut the cord and announced it would finally launch a long-awaited standalone streaming service earlier this year, many Android users were left on the sidelines as it was revealed that HBO Now would start as an Apple exclusive. Now those once disconnected consumers can rejoice (if they so choose) because the service will soon be available on Google devices and Chromecast.  [More]


FBI Opening Investigation Into IRS Breach That Affected 100,000 Taxpayers

After the news yesterday that the Internal Revenue Service reportedly suspects Russian identity thieves were behind a breach that allowed thieves to access information for approximately 100,000 taxpayers, the Federal Bureau of Investigation says it’s now investigating the incident. [More]


Atlantic City Files Lawsuit Over Loan Program That Promised Relief For Struggling Residents, Businesses

Back in 2013, Atlantic City launched a loan program aimed at providing up to $40 million in financial relief to the city’s struggling homeowners and businesses. But after nearly two years and an investment of $3 million, the people of AC have received little help, leading the city to file a lawsuit against the company hired to administer the program. [More]

This Former Pizza Hut Is Now The Liquor Hut

This Former Pizza Hut Is Now The Liquor Hut

Pizza Huts are distinctive buildings. They’re so distinctive that there’s really nothing else like a Pizza Hut in the chain restaurant landscape. They have steep mansard roofs, brick exterior walls, and trapezoidal windows, and it takes significant renovation for them to not look like Pizza Huts anymore. That’s why we appreciate when new occupants surrender to their destiny and just call their new venture a “Hut.” [More]

Customer Grateful For D.C. Restaurant’s Gumbo Leaves $2,000 Tip On $93 Bill

Customer Grateful For D.C. Restaurant’s Gumbo Leaves $2,000 Tip On $93 Bill

It’s always nice to be appreciated for your hard work in any form, but when someone goes out of their way with a hefty chunk of change, you better believe it makes people excited. Thus was the case with a regular customer at a D.C. restaurant who loved his gumbo so much, he tipped $2,000 on a $93 lunch bill. [More]

Sprint CEO: Unlimited Data Works For Now But “Is Not Forever”

Sprint CEO: Unlimited Data Works For Now But “Is Not Forever”

The era of unlimited mobile data has been in rapid decline over the past few years. It turns out that consumers really like using mobile broadband and that wireless companies really like making money, and when the two go hand in hand the whole “unlimited” thing doesn’t really work out in business’s favor as much as “charge for data” does. Sprint has been trying to attract new customers by fighting against that tide, but even the top exec of the company now says that’s ultimately likely to be a losing battle. [More]


NYC Officials Set On Rooting Out Errant Food Vendors Who Don’t Post Prices

It started with one vendor accused of selling $30 hot dogs to unwitting tourists, but now New York City officials want to make it clear that food carts must have their prices listed for customers to see if they don’t want the long arm of the law to come knocking. [More]

Data Breaches Now Cost Companies An Average Of $3.8M

Data Breaches Now Cost Companies An Average Of $3.8M

The aftermath of a now all-too-common data breach can be frustrating for consumers: canceling credit cards, monitoring credit reports for irregularities, and working with banks to recoup unauthorized purchases. But the hacks can also be expensive for the targeted company, with the average cost now sitting at a 10-year high of $3.8 million. [More]

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Seattle Couple Realizes After Three Months They’ve Got A $1M Powerball Ticket

You know how they say, “You can’t win if you don’t play?” That’s true, but you also can’t really win unless you remember to check your ticket. That was the case for a Seattle couple who bought a Powerball ticket, left it in the car for months and then decided to check it after all. Turns out they’d won $1 million. [More]


Man Arrested After Police Say He Stuffed An AK-47 Down His Pants

The AK-47 is many things, but it is definitely not a small and discreet weapon. That’s why it’s not surprising that a man in Florida was arrested after trying to shove one of the assault rifles down his pants in a pawn shop, evidently thinking that this was something he would be able to get away with. [More]


Clash Of The Fitness Trackers: Jawbone Lawsuit Accuses Fitbit Of Stealing Trade Secrets, Other Info

That rumble you hear in the gym, amid the clanking and whirring and grunting? It’s two fitness trackers going at it, just in time for one of the companies to go public: Jawbone has filed a lawsuit against Fitbit, claiming its rival stole Jawbone employees in order to get trade secrets the workers had swiped on the job, among other things. [More]

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Will A Toastier Bun Make You Want To Eat A McDonald’s Burger?

By now, most of us are aware that McDonald’s is struggling to attract and retain new customers – mainly those labeled as millennials. The fast food giant’s latest attempt to turn things around doesn’t involve a plethora of new artisanal or healthy menu items. Instead, it entails making sure your order comes out piping hot and correct. [More]