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What Happens When One Mall Has Two Different Minimum Wages?

Normally, it wouldn’t be a huge deal to have one mall that sits on the border between two cities. There might be some small differences in laws or sales tax, but at the Westfield Valley Fair Mall in California, there’s a huge difference. It sits on the border between the cities of San Jose and Santa Clara, and San Jose recently raised the citywide minimum wage by $2. [More]

Tractor-Trailer Tips Over, Spills Beer Across Freeway

Early this morning in Houston, an 18-wheeler and a sedan collided on a freeway. Both vehicles spun out, and the 18-wheeler tipped over, severely injuring the driver and spilling the trailer’s contents on the road. What was inside? Beer. Dozens and dozens of cases of beer. The beer spilled across the highway, and the driver remains in serious condition in the hospital. [KPRC]

Now Let’s All Address Stacks Of Thanksgiving Cards

Now Let’s All Address Stacks Of Thanksgiving Cards

Okay, Consumerists, did you get your Halloween cards addressed two weeks ago like marketers wanted you to? Good! Put those aside for the next seven weeks or so, because it’s time for your next occasion that requires cards: Thanksgiving. [More]

IRS Turning Its Baleful Gaze At Company Cafeterias That Churn Out Free Food


Do you hear that noise? It’s thousands of forks clattering in the hands of Silicon Valley employees currently enjoying a free lunch. The Internal Revenue Service is taking a closer look at the trend of company cafeterias shoveling free food onto employees’ plates, saying that smorgasbord is a taxable fringe benefit. [More]

Apple: Stolen Celeb Nudes Were Result Of Good Guessing, Not Data Breach


In what amounts to a “don’t blame us” statement, Apple appears to be trying to shake off any culpability it might have in this weekend’s massive posting of hundreds of stolen photos of a female celebrities in various states of undress (Again — no, we’re not linking to them). The company is saying there was no data breach on iCloud or Find My iPhone… but only in the sense that not everyone’s photos were stolen. [More]

Hospital Teams With Bank To Offer Interest-Free Loans So Patients Can Pay Their Bills

Hospital Teams With Bank To Offer Interest-Free Loans So Patients Can Pay Their Bills

Health care, especially of the emergency kind, has been known to leave consumers with hefty bills and few options expect to go into debt. But now some health systems are finding ways to give their patients relief when it comes to credit-destroying medical bills. [More]

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What The Numbers On Your Credit Card Indicate

Over the years, countless people have looked at 16-digit credit card numbers and said things like “Why do they need so many numbers? It’s not like there are 9.999 quadrillion bank accounts out there.” Well, that’s true. But the numbers on your card aren’t just about how many accounts or cardholders exist. They also indicate information about your card issuer, its network and tells processors whether or not the number is valid. [More]

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Map Shows Which Foods Set Your State Apart From The Rest Of The Country

Look around you — are you surrounded by cheddar cheese? Ranch dressing? Or is every menu you see overflowing with hoagies? What’s on many of the menus in your state sets it apart, whether it’s chocolate, ahi tuna or cheesesteaks. [More]

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People Really Think Miller Lite In Vintage-Style Cans Tastes Better

Logic tells us it’s impossible for the label on the outside of a container to affect how that product tastes. Human thought processes don’t always follow logic, though. That’s why sales of Miller Lite have increased after the company introduced 80’s-retro cans and bottles last year. They don’t just look cool: some consumers say that the old-school brews even taste better. [More]

Starbucks Employee Asks Woman With Service Dog To Leave Because There’s “No Proof” He’s A Service Animal

Starbucks Employee Asks Woman With Service Dog To Leave Because There’s “No Proof” He’s A Service Animal

Starbucks is once again making headlines for an employee’s reaction to a customer with a service dog. And once again the coffee shop seems to be in the wrong – and apologizing. [More]

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World’s Worst Taco Bell Customer Grabs Employee’s Butt Through Drive-Thru Window

We understand that Taco Bell’s sole reason to exist is to sate customers’ gluttonous cravings. But while it’s okay to satisfy your lust for cheese and meat-like product with a burrito, it’s most definitely not okay to give into an idiotic desire to grab a Taco Bell employee’s rear-end. [More]

Media Companies Afraid To Leave Public Comments Privately Tell FCC Why The Comcast/TWC Merger Stinks

Media Companies Afraid To Leave Public Comments Privately Tell FCC Why The Comcast/TWC Merger Stinks

Plenty of big companies have left lengthy public comments explaining their opposition to Comcast buying Time Warner Cable. Still, though, not everyone who is afraid of the potential consequences of the merger is able to go air their grievances publicly. Media organizations that usually love announcing their opinions to anyone and everyone have been suspiciously silent on the matter, perhaps, as Sen. Al Franken suggested, due to fears of retaliation from their largest business partner. But just because those companies aren’t filing public comments doesn’t mean that they’re in love with the merger, and they may be telling a very different story behind closed doors. [More]

Netflix Wants You To Tell All Your Facebook Friends What To Watch

Netflix Wants You To Tell All Your Facebook Friends What To Watch

Everyone’s got one — the movie that makes you who you are, the one that turned on all the lights in your brain and opened your mind to a new reality, one that can only exist upon viewing that particular film. So when your best friend/boyfriend/wife/second cousin Thurman admits to have never seeing The One Movie Essential To Your Being, you insist they must watch it and be enlightened. And now Netflix wants you to put that pressure on your Facebook friends with a new social recommendation feature. [More]

Home Depot Joins The Data Breach Party, Investigating Possible Hack

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Did you shop at Home Depot recently? Then you will probably want to keep an eye on your bank and/or credit card account. The retailer has confirmed it is investigating the possibility of a data breach that may have resulted in customers’ information being stolen. [More]


More Fast Food Strikes Expected For Thursday

Getting a Big Mac, Whopper, Baconator, Double Down, or Chalupa might be a bit of an inconvenience on Thursday, as supporters of the movement for higher pay and union membership for fast food workers say employees will strike in 150 cities. [More]

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London Water Officials Battle Massive Fatberg The Length Of A 747 Blocking The Sewer

If you aren’t a believer in the power of the fatberg, perhaps this recent find will strike fear into your toilet’s heart: London water officials had to fight a fatberg made from wet wipes, fatty masses and other debris the length of a Boeing 747 that plugged up the sewer system recently, threatening to flood area homes and businesses. [More]

General Motors Reportedly Launching Cars That Detect Distracted Driving

General Motors Reportedly Launching Cars That Detect Distracted Driving

For years, laws have been put into place to discourage distracted driving: no texting while driving, no talking on the phone while driving, the list goes on. General Motors is taking things a step further by commissioning a vehicle that detects and alerts drivers to their distracted behavior. [More]

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Corvette Museum Decides To Fill In Popular Sinkhole Attraction

A sinkhole that swallowed eight classic cars at the National Corvette Museum in February has become an unexpected hit, drawing in tourists who seem to be as into the gaping pit as they are interested in vintage automobiles. Alas, gawkers must gawk their last soon, as the museum has finally decided to fill in the hole. [More]