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Anonymous Donors Leave $500,000 Check In Minnesota Salvation Army Kettle

Anonymous donors in Minnesota’s Twin Cities were certainly in the giving mood over the weekend, slipping a $500,000 check into a Salvation Army kettle. Unsurprisingly, it’s snagged the record for the area’s biggest kettle donation to date. [More]

The message seen by visitors to Target.com on Monday.

Target Website Crashes, Spoiling Shoppers’ Cyber Monday

Savvy holiday shoppers who didn’t want to fight the crowds on Black Friday may still be battling congested online traffic in order to obtain the plethora of Cyber Monday deals today. That’s especially true if you’re trying to score some goodies from Target, as the retailer’s website crashed this morning.  [More]

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South Dakota Ghost Town Is Still On The Market, Could Be Yours For A Mere $250,000

If you’re in the market for a new home, you could surely find something for $250,000 — heck, why settle for looking for a house when you could just buy an entire ghost town? An abandoned South Dakota town that was on the market for $400,000 back in 2014 is still up for grabs, and now at a bargain price. [More]


Study: Airlines Padded Flight Schedules To Improve On-Time Performance Stats

So many things can delay a flight — weather, traffic, minor technical glitches to name just a few — and yet nearly three-quarters of all flights arrived at their destination on schedule last year. A new study suggests that this achievement might not just be the result of increased efficiency, but of padded schedules. [More]


NYC’s Salt Warning Labels Set To Debut At Chain Restaurants This Week

Menus at New York City’s chain eateries will be getting a makeover this week, as the city’s rule requiring warning labels for particularly salty menu items goes into effect. [More]

Report: VW Knew About Fuel Efficiency Discrepancies A Year Ago

Report: VW Knew About Fuel Efficiency Discrepancies A Year Ago

Earlier this month, Volkswagen announced that an internal investigation into the carmaker’s use of “defeat devices” to evade emission standards in nearly 11 million vehicles worldwide uncovered a second issue: nearly 800,000 cars included understated levels of carbon monoxide emissions and rule usage. But a new report puts the timing of the finding into question, with some sources claiming executives with the car manufacturer knew of the problem more than a year ago.  [More]

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Online Retail Passes In-Store Shopping For Black Friday Weekend

Going online for your Black Friday sales fix is now just as popular as trudging out to the mall to shop, according to a new survey from the National Retail Federation. [More]


Amazon Shows Off Latest Prime Air Delivery Drone Prototype In New Video

Two years after Amazon debuted its delivery drone to the masses, the e-commerce giant is back with a new demo video showing the company’s latest prototype for its Prime Air unmanned aerial vehicle. [More]

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It’s Cyber Monday, But Don’t Get Fired For Shopping Too Much At Work

So many people do their holiday shopping online that the idea of “Cyber Monday” seems like a relic of an era when online retail was a novelty in search of legitimacy. Still, the name — and the sales — persist, but shopping on the job today could land you in a heap of trouble with the boss. [More]

Hack Of Toy Maker VTech Exposes Data For Millions Of Parents, Kids

Hack Of Toy Maker VTech Exposes Data For Millions Of Parents, Kids

Let’s kick off the holiday shopping season with news of a data breach that may involve some toys you’ll be wrapping in the coming weeks. Popular children’s electric toy maker VTech has announced that customer information fell into the wrong hands earlier this month.  [More]

Be Thankful That No One At Your Thanksgiving Is Lighting A Cigarette After Every Course

Be Thankful That No One At Your Thanksgiving Is Lighting A Cigarette After Every Course

No matter where you celebrate Thanksgiving and what you’re eating, take a moment to be thankful that this suggested tradition from the mind of a marketer never caught on: lighting up a Camel cigarette after every course of your meal. No, not after dinner, after every course. [More]

Nutty Nuggets And Panburger Partner: The Best Store-Brand Products You Submitted

Nutty Nuggets And Panburger Partner: The Best Store-Brand Products You Submitted

At the beginning of this week, we took inspiration from reader Tom’s photo of a margarine tub, and asked our readers to send in your favorite funny store-brand product names. They could be fanciful or funny in their descriptive bluntness: they just had to be funny. You submitted plenty: let’s unload this grocery cart of amusement. [More]

More Animal Shelters Holding Black (Fur) Friday Adoption Promotions

More Animal Shelters Holding Black (Fur) Friday Adoption Promotions

One of our favorite Black Friday trends that’s been spreading across the country is the animal shelter doorbuster: that is, busting adoptable animals out from behind animal shelter doors and into new and loving homes. The promos use the idea of “Black Friday” to push pets with black and white fur to create super-cuddly sale events where adoption fees are waived. [More]

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6 Thanksgiving Movies You Can Stream Instead Of Talking To Your In-Laws

So your mother-in-law is asking you again, whether she’ll ever be a grandmother. Your options include feigning a disaster in another room, straight up ignoring her or claiming you have to go to the bathroom, again. Or, you could turn on a Thanksgiving-themed movie and have everyone gather ’round, shut up and watch it together. [More]

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Which Stores Are Open On Thanksgiving And Black Friday, And When?

There are two reasons why you might want to know which stores are open or closed on Thanksgiving Day this year: you want to go shopping, or you want to know which stores to boycott (or at least vaguely scorn) because they choose to open on the holiday. Whatever you’re interested in doing, here are the hours during which you can stop by the store and do it. [More]

Dell Helpfully Installs Yet Another Gaping Security Hole On Some Laptops

That big fat “Superfish”-style security hole in Dell laptops that we told you about yesterday? Turns out, it’s not alone. There’s another basically just like it on Dell laptops, too. ZDNet has instructions for how to remove these troublesome certificates from your laptop if it has them. [ZDNet]

New Hire At FCC May Indicate More Protection For Consumers’ Privacy Down The Road

New Hire At FCC May Indicate More Protection For Consumers’ Privacy Down The Road

Government agencies are basically giant businesses: they hire new people all the time, and it’s very rarely news when they do. Occasionally, though, the match of person and position may hint at big news for consumers, as one recent hire at the FCC just did. [More]

Jamaican Lottery Scammer Sentenced To U.S. Prison

Jamaican Lottery Scammer Sentenced To U.S. Prison

The fraudulent lottery industry is huge in Jamaica, extracting hundreds of millions of dollars from the pockets of victims, who are mostly in the U.S. and mostly elderly. For the first time, someone involved in the industry has been tried and sentenced in a federal court in this country for selling lists of leads to current and aspiring scammers. [More]