Exec Behind Nationwide’s “Dead Boy” Super Bowl Ad Steps Down

Exec Behind Nationwide’s “Dead Boy” Super Bowl Ad Steps Down

Not too many ads from the most recent Super Bowl will be remembered years from now, perhaps with the exception of the Nationwide insurance commercial that was instantly dubbed the “dead boy” ad by the Internet, because… well, the star of the spot is an adorable moppet who also happens to be dead. Now the Nationwide exec who signed off the infamous commercial has stepped down from his top-level job at the insurance giant. [More]

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Restaurant Owner Apologizes For Asking Breastfeeding Mom To Cover Up Or Move

We support many things here at Consumerist. One of them is the right of parents to feed their infants however and wherever they choose, which includes the right to openly breastfeed in business establishments. State law in Illinois also supports this right. We also support proportionate responses when a business wrongs you. After a mother shared her grievance against a local restaurant on Facebook, the owner claims to have received threats of death and property damage. [More]

Is he telling us to be quiet or the burger?!?

McDonald’s Brings Back The Hamburglar And We Aren’t Sure How To Feel

Upon hearing buzz that McDonald’s has brought back that scamp the Hamburglar to network TV after a 13-year hiatus, ostensibly in Burger Thief Jail, the image of the chubby-cheeked, one-toothed masked beef marauder might come to mind. But lo — the scamp is gone, replaced by a suburban dad with a full set of teeth, a five o’clock shadow on his chiseled jaw and a penchant for red leather high tops and trench coats. [More]

These Google search results may look normal at first glance, but if you look closely, you'll see that these ads are being "injected" into the page by a third party.

“Injected Ads” Are An Annoying Security Risk Affecting Millions Of Internet Users

Legitimate advertising is an annoyance that most of us tolerate and do our best to ignore. But there are more pernicious forms of advertising that aren’t just a nuisance but actually pose a potential security risk, like the “injected ads” that find your way into your web browser through software and extensions. [More]

Privacy Advocates Sue Virginia Police Over Data From Automatic License Plate Scanners

Privacy Advocates Sue Virginia Police Over Data From Automatic License Plate Scanners

By itself, your license plate doesn’t say much except in what state, month, and year you registered your car. But start tracking where and when that license plate goes, and you’ve suddenly got a whole huge pile of personal data about all the comings and goings in someone’s life. We’ve reported before that license plate scanning by public and private entities is both widespread and unregulated. Now, the ACLU is suing police in one state to get them to stop. [More]

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Illinois AG Sues Company For Dumping Medical Files Containing Patients’ Personal Info In The Trash

When you get medical treatment, the information that goes into your file is extensive and can contain a whole lot of personal information like your name, address, Social Security Number as well as your medical history. That private stuff should be kept from the prying eyes of others, which is exactly the opposite of what Illinois prosecutors say one company did when allegedly dumping medical files in the trash. [More]

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Police: “Serial Stowaway” Known For Trying To Sneak Onto Planes Arrested At Two Chicago Airports

A woman who’s been caught multiple times — with varying instances of success — trying to sneak aboard planes without a ticket has been arrested at two Chicago airports within a month trying to pull her signature stowaway move, police say. [More]

Xbox One's new live over-the-air network broadcasts could soon include a DVR option.

Microsoft Reportedly Adding DVR Feature To Xbox One Over-The-Air Broadcasts

When Microsoft announced last month that its Xbox One would have the ability to provide users with live over-the-air content from local broadcast networks, the company said the new feature would allow viewers to pause the action for up to 30 minutes. But a half-hour just isn’t a lot of time for today’s busy TV watcher, which is probably why the company is reportedly looking to add a DVR feature to the console [More]

Here Is Comcast’s 10-Point Action Plan For Winning Over Customers

The full Comcast Customer Experience Action Plan is at the bottom of this post.

For years, Comcast’s plan to win over customers was to do absolutely nothing because they — just like most cable companies — were the only choice. But with its pay-TV subscriber numbers dropping, the company is realizing that can indeed lose customers by treating them horribly. In an e-mail obtained by Consumerist, Comcast leadership has outlined its optimistic plan to win back all those customers who hate being residents of Kabletown. [More]


Would You Tip Your Lawyer Or Your Dentist?

In discussions of the custom of tipping, you never hear typical consumers wish that they were expected or asked to tip their service providers in more industries. Yet Square, a service that lets small businesses accept credit card and direct mobile payments on phones and tablets, gives any business the opportunity to prompt customers for a tip. [More]

Self-Driving Semi Trucks Hit The Highway For Testing In Nevada

Self-Driving Semi Trucks Hit The Highway For Testing In Nevada

Maybe you’ve gotten used to the idea of seeing driverless vehicles perhaps one day casually cruising alongside your car on the highway with no one paying attention behind the wheel, but semi-trucks, well that’s a much different — and bigger — thing to get used to. [More]

Woman’s Car Mistakenly Booted 4 Times Because Someone Else Has Identical Vanity Plate

Woman’s Car Mistakenly Booted 4 Times Because Someone Else Has Identical Vanity Plate

A driver in New York City has repeatedly gone out to her car and found she couldn’t drive it because once again her vehicle had been booted due to hundreds of dollars in unpaid parking fines. Problem is, this driver says she’s never been ticketed and that she’s being punished for the bad behavior of someone else who had the same vanity license plate number. [More]

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U.S. Approves Licenses For Ferry Services Between Florida And Cuba

It’s been 55 years since ferries were allowed to operate between the United States and Cuba, something that’s about to change now that the Treasury Department has granted licenses to four companies that want to offer services between the countries for the first time since a 1960 trade embargo. [More]


Senators Call For Attorney General Investigation Into Executives Of Corinthian Colleges

Bankrupt for-profit college chain Corinthian Colleges Inc. is already party to a number of state and federal investigations related to the alleged deceptive recruiting practices at its Heald College, WyoTech and Everest University campuses. Now, a group of senators are hoping to add another investigation to the roster. [More]

Fake Waitress Steals Diner’s Credit Card, Goes On Spending Spree Next Door At Target

Fake Waitress Steals Diner’s Credit Card, Goes On Spending Spree Next Door At Target

How many times have you put your credit card out to pay for a restaurant meal and had an employee other than your server pick it up? It’s not uncommon, especially in busier eateries, so some diners wouldn’t think twice when it happens. At least until the card hasn’t been returned because the helpful “waitress” who took it is actually at the Target across the parking lot making purchases with it? [More]

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Valet Service Forgets To Mention They Smashed Customer’s Porsche

If handing the keys to your car over to a valet parking service meant knowing that the company will forget to tell you when they damage your car, would anyone use valet parking at all? Probably not. Yet that’s exactly what happened when one restaurant customer, who discovered damage to his vehicle that the valet had sort of forgotten to tell him about. [More]


Wendy’s Selling 640 Restaurants In U.S. And Canada

It seems selling fast food restaurants to franchisees is somewhat de rigueur these days: After McDonald’s recently said it’s using that plan to steer its big turnaround plan, Wendy’s announced today that it’ll be selling a total of 640 restaurants in the U.S. and Canada this year as well as its baking operation in Zanesville, OH. [More]