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Allegiant Air Pilots Plan Strike For Thursday; Could Ground 250 Flights

Earlier today, we reported that the pilots of Nevada-based budget carrier Allegiant Air took their beef with the carrier to the public by posting an open letter to passengers voicing their concern about carrier’s stance on safety standards and treatment of employees. Now, the pilots say they’re prepared to go on strike Thursday, a move that has the potential to ground 250 flights. [More]

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Retailers Only Have Eyes For You With Latest Online Marketing Efforts

On the one hand, it can be very convenient to get a coupon emailed to you based on your obsession with tacos. On the other, having every website you visit blast your eyes with ads for the same darn pair of lime green shoes you already bought as part of a Halloween costume and never intend to buy again. But some retailers say they’re working on tailoring such marketing efforts down to each person individually, to maximize effectiveness and cut down on irritation. [More]

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Nearly 7% Of Americans Say Their Smartphone Is Their Only Way To Get Online

We may often joke that losing our smartphone would mean being cut off from the outside world. While that’s likely an exaggeration for many consumers, a new report from The Pew Research Center finds Americans’ reliance on smartphones to stay connected with the rest of the world is very real, especially when it comes to accessing the internet. [More]

McDonald’s To Raise Workers’ Wages, But Only At 10% Of U.S. Restaurants

McDonald’s To Raise Workers’ Wages, But Only At 10% Of U.S. Restaurants

The good news for McDonald’s employees looking for a raise — the company plans to pay workers more and offer new benefits. The not-so-good news — this only affects about 10% of the company’s locations in the U.S. [More]

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Woman Who Chased Down Google Street View Car And Flashed It Could Now Be Facing Charges

While there are many people out there applauding the woman who chased down a Google Street View car so she could flash it and expose her chest to the world, thus, crossing that off her bucket list, local authorities in her Australian town aren’t quite so pleased with her public display. [More]

You Can Now Finally, Really Truly, Opt Out Of Verizon Wireless Tracking “Supercookies”

You Can Now Finally, Really Truly, Opt Out Of Verizon Wireless Tracking “Supercookies”

Back in January, Verizon Wireless said they would let users opt out of a problematic universal tracking “super cookie” they had been using for years. This week, Verizon’s finally got their act together and the opt-out option is live. [More]


Former Korean Air Exec Asking Appeal Court To Overturn “Nut Rage” Conviction

The former Korean Air executive who was convicted of violating aviation safety law in connection to what became known as the “nut rage” incident is asking an appeals court to overturn the conviction, which stemmed from her rage over improperly served macadamia nuts. [More]

Sling TV Users Getting HBO Access For $15/Month In Time For Game Of Thrones

Sling TV Users Getting HBO Access For $15/Month In Time For Game Of Thrones

UPDATE: Sling has confirmed that it will offer HBO (both live and on-demand) to users for an additional $15/month. [More]

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Yuengling Takes Top Craft Brewer Crown In U.S. From Current King Samuel Adams

In the game of beer thrones, Yuengling has emerged as the winner over the former ruler, Samuel Adams, as the top craft brewer in the country. The win comes after a national beer group switched up its rules about what kinds of ingredients craft brewers can use as a “traditional” beer maker. [More]

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Megabus Adds Reserved Seats To Double-Decker Bus Trips, But It’ll Cost Ya

If you’ve ever taken a trip with a group or family on Megabus, then you know it can be a pain to get seats together unless you show up extra early. Now, the company plans to change that by allowing customers to reserve seats in advance — for a price, that is. [More]

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McDonald’s Changing Grilled Chicken Recipe From 18 Ingredients To 12

McDonald’s is making yet another change to its menu. This time the company plans to simplify its chicken recipe by cutting out chemical-sounding ingredients that consumers might not recognize. [More]

AT&T Fails At Getting FTC’s Throttling Lawsuit Dismissed

AT&T Fails At Getting FTC’s Throttling Lawsuit Dismissed

Back in October, the Federal Trade Commission sued AT&T’s wireless division for allegedly misleading customers by charging for “unlimited” plans but then reducing data speeds after users passed certain monthly thresholds. AT&T subsequently asked the court to dismiss the case, arguing that the FTC lacks the authority to bring this type of lawsuit. Yesterday, a federal judge disagreed and sided against AT&T. [More]


Study: 38% Of Crab Cakes Tested At Maryland, D.C. Restaurants Don’t Contain The Local Crab Listed On Menus

What you see on the menu might not necessarily be what you get, which is especially disappointing if you’re into locally sourced, fresh ingredients. Conservation group Oceana released a new study that said after checking crab cakes at restaurants along the Eastern sea board that were supposed to be Chesapeake Bay blue crab, many of them contained imported impostors instead. [More]

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Airline’s Pilots Warn Passengers Of Safety Concerns

In an open letter to their passengers, the pilots of Nevada-based budget carrier Allegiant Air have gone public with their concerns about what they see as sagging service and safety standards for the airlines. [More]

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Lawmakers Receiving Anti-Net Neutrality Messages From People Who Never Sent Them

In the wake of the FCC’s vote to adopt the new net neutrality rule, Americans of every stripe have bombarded their lawmakers with feedback. Some applaud the rule; others condemn the action. And that is all well and good: it’s the American system of democracy at work, exactly as designed. [More]

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NFL Linebacker Files $20M Lawsuit Against Bank Of America For Alleged Fraud

When looking to manage one’s money, it wouldn’t be unusual to seek advice from the financial professionals at one of the country’s largest banks. But an NFL linebacker says his decision to rely on Bank of America to manage his finances cost him millions of dollars and led to the closing of his budding restaurant business. [More]

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Impersonating A Police Officer To Cut Into Drive-Thru Line Frowned Upon By Actual Police

As badly as you think you want that burger and fries, is jail time really worth getting it a few minutes faster? A Texas man is facing some heat from the police after an off-duty officer said he saw him impersonating law enforcement to skip ahead of other customers in the drive-thru line at Whataburger. [More]

Pizza Hut Menu Additions Failing To Generate Additional Sales

Pizza Hut Menu Additions Failing To Generate Additional Sales

A few months back, Pizza Hut announced a complete menu revamp, adding a bunch of new crusts, drizzles, toppings and whatnot to their regular slate of pizzas. We sampled 21 of these additions ahead of their release, though we weren’t exactly blown away, and it looks like we weren’t the only ones unmoved by the changes. [More]