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Hallmark Planning Mini-Stores Inside JCPenney Locations

After a year of discussions and a pilot program in 15 stores, JCPenney and Hallmark are pleased to announced that they might be moving in together. Well, sort of. Hallmark mini-stores may join Sephora and Disney mini-stores inside hundreds of JCPenney locations across the country. [More]

Crayola Apologizes After Hackers Post NSFW Pics To Kid-Friendly Facebook Page

Crayola Apologizes After Hackers Post NSFW Pics To Kid-Friendly Facebook Page

Visitors to the Crayola Facebook page were seeing Brick Red, or perhaps blushing in shades of Carnation Pink on Sunday when they realized that some nogoodniks had taken over the account and decided to have a laugh by juvenile but not kid-friendly updates for the crown company’s 2.45 million fans to see. [More]

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Walgreens Pulls Swastika-Patterned Hanukkah Gift Wrap From Stores

Swastikas in any pattern are terrible. But swastikas — intentional or not — in the pattern of Hanukkah-themed items are even more jaw-droppingly terrible. And that’s exactly what a California customer says she found when she went shopping at Walgreens. [More]

An email supposedly from  Pizza Hut actually contains malware.

Fake Pizza Hut Anniversary Email Won’t Give You Free Pizza, Just Malware

Emails for free pizza might be few and far between, so when one shows up in your inbox you might be tempted to ditch those dinner plans for a few cheesy slices. But even the promise of free pizzas can be too good to be true, that was certainly the case this week when an email purported to be from Pizza Hut didn’t end in free pizza, but dangerous malware. [More]

At Hallmark, Get Halloween Ornaments For Your Halloween Tree

At Hallmark, Get Halloween Ornaments For Your Halloween Tree

Here at Consumerist, we pretend to hate holiday mashups while secretly loving them. Still, we have to admit that we were a little confused when we saw that Hallmark now has Halloween ornaments. Yes, it’s a long-established fact that the gift chain puts its Christmas ornament collection out in July, but we thought they were just that. Christmas tree ornaments. Not so. [More]

Hallmark’s Ornaments Christmas Creep Up On CVS

Hallmark’s Ornaments Christmas Creep Up On CVS

In our years of posting about the retail menace that is Christmas Creep, we have developed a list of situations that are not eligible to be declared Christmas Creep. For example, craft stores know that you’re starting your Christmas crochet projects in mid-August, and Hallmark always introduces its Christmas ornaments in July. Yet Hallmark has taken its ornament collection to CVS, and reader Victoria is not pleased. [More]

The Bastard Child Of Comcast/TWC Merger Gets A Name: GreatLand Connections

If you live in one of those orange dots, you may soon be complaining about the cruddy cable and Internet service from GreatLand instead of Comcast.

While plenty of us are still banging on the church window, trying to break up the impending nuptials of Comcast and Time Warner Cable, the couple, along with their “close friend” (ahem) Charter Communications, have already given a name to the company that will be spun off and left to fend for itself in the wild because there just isn’t enough room for everyone’s kids. That company, which will instantly become the fifth-largest cable operator in the U.S., will have the craptastic name of GreatLand Connections Inc. [More]

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Here’s What Netflix, Dish & Others Said To The FCC About The Comcast/TWC Merger

The period for leaving a comment about the Comcast/TWC merger with the FCC closed on Monday. Roughly a zillion members of the public — individuals, nonprofits, state and federal politicians, telecom companies, tech trade groups, and consumer advocates — have weighed in, including several big names in pay TV who are staunchly against the deal. [More]

Data from SNL Kagen shows that ESPN is by for the most expensive channel for cable providers to broadcast.

ESPN Accounts For More Than $6 Of Your Cable Bill; Could Soon Top $8

In recent years, cable companies and broadcasters have squared off in nasty, public spats that sometimes result in blackouts for millions of viewers. The broadcasters say they aren’t being paid properly and the cable companies claim they’re on our side, trying to keep costs down (though we always end up paying more). These battles will likely only get worse, with analysts predicting that the cost of content will continue to increase. [More]

Student: Corinthian Colleges’ Demise Is Like “Watching A House Fall On A Witch”


The downfall of Corinthian Colleges — the operator of Everest University, WyoTech, and Heald College — has put for-profit education chains in the spotlight, with people focusing on allegations of bogus job-placement statistics, grade manipulation, questionable marketing practices, and speculation regarding what will happen to $1.4 billion in federal student aid. But what about the actual students who have been watching this collapse from the inside? What about their stories? [More]

The 30-day trial invite that some Amazon users are receiving.

Amazon Using 30-Day Try-Before-You-Buy Offers To Attract Fire TV Customers

While the idea of free trial periods for streaming video subscription services like Amazon Prime is nothing new, the online retailer is now applying that same try-before-you-buy concept to streaming hardware. [More]

Save Santa: Buy This Hallmark Ornament

Save Santa: Buy This Hallmark Ornament

When we received an e-mail from reader Ryan entitled, “The most brilliantly evil Christmas commercial ever made,” well, our interest was piqued. Surely that bar is very high. There have been some great (terrible) moments in holiday commercial history. [More]

Psychologist Deems Dad Unfit Parent For Not Feeding McDonald’s To 5-Yr-Old

Psychologist Deems Dad Unfit Parent For Not Feeding McDonald’s To 5-Yr-Old

You’d think that most parents would be applauded for not giving in to their kids’ demands for fast food, but a court-appointed psychologist in New York City (New York City?!?) has reportedly decided that one father is an unfit parent because he failed to feed his 5-year-old son’s craving for McDonald’s. [More]

This sweater is burning up the Internet.

Internet Displeased With Hallmark For Switching Carol’s Lyrics From “Gay” To “Fun” On Ornament

In 1794, when “Deck the Halls” was written, if someone said they were having a “gay” time, it meant one thing: Happy. But just because the meaning of that word has changed in the intervening years, many Hallmark customers are not at all pleased that the greeting card company dropped the original “don we now our gay apparel” lyric in favor of “fun” for a new ugly holiday sweater Christmas ornament. [More]

Oh, For Gobble’s Sake, Thanksgiving Decorations Are Out Already

Oh, For Gobble’s Sake, Thanksgiving Decorations Are Out Already

If you’re the kind of person who likes to start getting their Thanksgiving table ready several months in advance, you’re in luck. Just stop by reader Shaun’s local Stop and Shop grocery store and you can start sticking ceramic turkeys anywhere in your house that you please. [More]

July 29, 2013

Halloween Started Creeping Up On Us In July

“Halloween Creep,” observes reader Jay. “It almost sounds like a dance some ghouls might do after the Monster Mash.” That’s not what the Halloween Creep is, though. It would be so much better if it were. Instead, it’s what happens when Consumerist readers are out enjoying their summer and stop in their tracks when they see Halloween merch out on store shelves. [More]

Comcast Now Testing Prepaid Cable Service, But With No Sports Channels Or HD

Comcast Now Testing Prepaid Cable Service, But With No Sports Channels Or HD

Earlier this year, Comcast started testing prepaid Internet service for consumers in the Philadelphia area. Now the nation’s cable provider is trying out a prepaid (non-HD) TV service that offers a few dozen channels (but no ESPNs, Nickelodeon, or MTV) and costs anywhere from $15/week to $45/month. [More]

Mother’s Day Cards For Dads: A Sweet Gesture Or Holiday Double-Dipping?

Mother’s Day Cards For Dads: A Sweet Gesture Or Holiday Double-Dipping?

“Leave it to Hallmark to double-dip on holidays,” reader Mark noted when he snapped a picture of this card using our Tipster App. “Father’s Day is next month, people.” Well, yes, but there are also legitimate reasons why someone would buy a card like this. [More]