Michigan Funeral Home Installs Drive-Thru Viewing Window

The convenience of a drive-thru window is obvious, but one usually thinks of banks or fast food chains that use them for the ease of customers on the go. And not, as one funeral home is doing in Michigan, a drive-thru viewing window for visiting the deceased. But then again, why not? [More]

Let’s All Pretend To Be Surprised That The LeSean McCoy $0.20 Tip Receipt Is For Sale

Dig into those seat cushions, everyone.

It is my sincerest hope that the waiter who received a $0.20 tip on a $61 restaurant tab paid for by NFL running back LeSean McCoy is going to reap at least some financial gain from the sale of the now infamous receipt, which is for sale on eBay at a high bid of about $99,000 as of this writing. Leaving us completely unsurprised, of course, because when a piece of paper makes the news like this, someone’s probably willing to shell out the big bucks to own a moment in tipping history. [More]

Sushi Lovers May Be Facing Rising Prices As A Result Of The California Drought


For those who don’t live in California, it might seem like the drought is only a problem in that state — ‘Their lawns may be brown but mine’s not, so who cares?” an uncool citizen of the world might say. But you start jacking up the prices at sushi restaurants around the country and suddenly, it looks like it could be everyone’s problem. [More]

WTF or something else?

Is This Talking Barbie Saying “What The F**k?!”?

As one who has not played with Barbies in any serious kind of way for at least 20 years, I’m sure there are plenty of modern dolls doing all kinds of things I never dreamed of as a kid. And while yes, I would’ve liked a doll that trills out “what the f**k?!?” when my brothers would try to pull her head off, one mom of a young girl says she’s not too pleased that her daughter’s talking Barbie appears to have a potty mouth on her. [More]

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McDonald’s Offering Free Morning Coffee For Two Weeks

If you haven’t had your morning coffee yet, this message might not even be entering your brain in any way that makes sense. But for those of you who are functioning, that daily cup of joe could be free, if you like McDonald’s brew: The fast food chain is offering a free small coffee during breakfast hours starting today and going through Sept. 29. [More]


Tesco Abandons Plan To Have Sniper Shoot Protected Bird Living In A Store

It’s hard out there for a pied wagtail. First of all, your species is in decline. Second, it’s hard enough to get a nice place to live, without meddlesome humans coming in and trying to shoot you out of your home. Good news for one particular pied wagtail living in a Tesco store in England, then, that supermarket officials have decided not to bring in a hired sniper to shoot it with an air rifle. [More]

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When Your Company Owns Madison Square Garden, Your Band Opens For The Eagles

If I was a billionaire CEO of a cable company, I’d buy an island in the South Pacific and get a house with one of those cool libraries with a ladder to reach higher shelves and dedicate myself to the art of cheesemaking. If Jim Dolan was a billionaire CEO of a cable company, he’d book his own band to open for the most rockin’ band he knows at the venue his company happens to own. Oh wait, he is, and he did book his own band to open for the Eagles at Madison Square Garden. [More]


Southwest Passenger Detained After Creating WiFi Hotspot Names Like “Bomb On Board”

Authorities detained a passenger aboard a Southwest flight that landed at Seattle-Tacoma Airport yesterday on its way to Denver, after reports that he created a bunch of creepy names for his in-flight WiFi hotspot, naming it “Southwest – Bomb on Board” and making comments about the attractiveness of flight attendants, among other things. [More]


Here’s Why American Stores Refrigerate Eggs While Some Other Countries Don’t

At the sight of an egg sitting on an unrefrigerated store shelf, many Americans would shudder and think, “Well, that can’t be very safe because we keep our eggs nice and chilled and America is No. 1.” But are those foreign countries wrong and are we right? How can it be safe to keep eggs either chilled or at room temperature? [More]


Okay, Enough Of This Trend Already: Thief Wipes Out Preschoolers’ Pumpkin Patch

First, it was corn stolen from farmers. Next, it was a class of fifth graders learning the harsh lessons of life when someone swiped their entire onion crop. And now we’ve gotten to the sad, low point of some awful, horrible, no good very bad person or persons stealing all the pumpkins from a patch belonging to preschoolers. What’s next, stealing milk from babies?!? [More]

Apple Online Store, Some Carriers’ Sites Get Glitchy With Start Of iPhone 6 Preorders

Apple Online Store, Some Carriers’ Sites Get Glitchy With Start Of iPhone 6 Preorders

We’ve got a sneaking suspicion that whoever was in charge of handling Apple’s livestreaming announcement for its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus earlier this week might’ve been at the helm of the company’s online store early this morning, after frustrated customers trying to preorder the phones were unable to do so when the clock finally hit the designated hour. [More]


Nice People Donate More Than 200 Pounds Of Onions To School That Had Its Garden Plundered

After some total jerk or jerks stole 100 onions from a patch cultivated by elementary school kids in Maine, a whole lot of other nice people have turned around and made the situation into a positive one, by donating more than 200 pounds of onions to replace the ones that were stolen. Feel that? Your heart is applauding. [More]

Walmart, Best Buy Won’t Accept Apple Pay At Their Stores

Walmart, Best Buy Won’t Accept Apple Pay At Their Stores

Though the highways and byways of America may be dotted with their stores, customers shopping at Walmart and Best Buy won’t be able to pay for stuff using the new Apple Pay system announced this week. Both retailers are eschewing the near-field-communication (or NFC) method of payment in favor of another mobile wallet application. [More]


On a day when the entire country is paying tribute to the tragic events of September 11, 2001, we usually see a number of brands flounder when it comes to honoring the victims of that day and promoting themselves. While there are surely some flubs out there this year, it’s also pretty telling to see what companies were tweeting about right before they posted this year’s 9/11 tributes. Prepare to cringe. [via 910to911.tumblr.com]

Signing Up For The Consumerist Newsletter Is Like Eating A Really Good Doughnut, But Better

Signing Up For The Consumerist Newsletter Is Like Eating A Really Good Doughnut, But Better

You know that feeling when you eat a delicious doughnut, and it’s all sweety and doughy and you think, “Man. I am so glad I did this. This really worked out the best for all parties involved.” That’s what it’s like after you sign up for our weekly newsletter, just without the doughnut. Sorry. [More]


Facebook Testing Self-Destructing Status Updates

Because your 493 Facebook friends likely won’t care in 50 years into the future (or honestly, 50 seconds from now) that you’re out grabbing fro-yo with your besties, Facebook is testing an option that would allow users to set a time limit on how long those updates appear on your timeline. [More]

A shot from OK Go's "The Writing's On The Will" video, left and Apple's "Perspectives" video, right.

OK Go Claims Apple Stole Its Music Video Concept To Kick Off iPhone 6 Event

In the video “Perspective” used by Apple to kick off its event unveiling the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch earlier this week, the company encourages people to “see things differently.” But the band OK Go — known for its colorful, quirky (I can use that word whenever I want, legally) music videos — says Apple saw things pretty much exactly the same way as it did when the group first pitched a video concept to the company last April. [More]

(Burger King Japan)

Burger King Japan Creates Black Cheese For Its Black Burger And I Don’t Know How To Feel

If the saying is true and we eat first with our eyes, hope you’re hungry for some garbage bags: Burger King Japan has introduced a new black cheese to match its black burgers. And while I normally applaud any iteration of cheese in general, chowing down on a melted piece of Darth Vader’s helmet isn’t exactly an appetizing thought. [More]