Ex-Lottery Worker Convicted Of Rigging The System So He’d Win $14M Jackpot

Ex-Lottery Worker Convicted Of Rigging The System So He’d Win $14M Jackpot

There’s a very obvious reason why lottery employees aren’t allowed to play for prizes like the rest of the country in many states, as they could have an obvious advantage when it comes to figuring out how to reap big rewards. As such, one ex-lottery worker from Iowa (where it’s illegal for lotto employees to play) has been convicted of rigging the system, fixing it so he could buy the right numbers and win a $14 million jackpot. [More]

It's Marlene's birthday. You know, Marlene from accounting? (Faded Photograph)

Everyone Likes Free Office Food Because We’re All Basically Cave People

All it takes is a single email with the words “free food” in it and an entire office can be brought to its feet, sending workers scurrying toward the communal area and a chance at a handout. From cupcakes to pizza, the thought of getting something for nothing is a tempting one — even if you don’t know whose birthday it is or why there are free subs in the conference room. This, because we’re all just trying to survive, just like we did when we lived in caves. [More]

Instagram Is Sorry For Taking Account Away From User, Giving It To Famous Soccer Star

Instagram Is Sorry For Taking Account Away From User, Giving It To Famous Soccer Star

Though it’s not uncommon to find squatters camped out on the accounts of famous people on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter, what happens if you’re a real person with a real social media presence, and you just happen to share a name with a celebrity? You might just get the boot, at least until you can plead your case. [More]

Facebook shows a fake brand in this mock-up.

Facebook Testing Shops Built Into Retailers’ Pages

Like Google, Twitter and its own Instagram platform, Facebook is toying with the idea of allowing users to buy stuff directly from retailers’ pages, instead of seeing those items in an ad and going outside the social network to purchase them. [More]


Cemetery Issues Rules Of The Road For Bicyclists Who Might Not Realize They’re Being Jerks

Although cemeteries might be an ideal spot for bicyclists seeking long paths and little traffic, one cemetery in Indiana has had to ban bikes from the grounds after a series of incidents. Because for many, having a bicycle racing past while you’re trying to give your loved one a final good-bye isn’t an ideal situation. [More]

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Buick Wants You To Take A Vehicle On A 24-Hour Test Drive

Is taking a car for a brief spin around the neighborhood enough time to convince you to buy it? If not, Buick thinks it’s got just the solution for you, announcing a new program that allows drivers to leave their car at the dealership and take a Buick out for an entire day. [More]

Uber's campaign against Mayor Bill de Blasio has spread to its ride-hailing app.

Uber Pushing Back On New York City’s Plans To Put Limits On For-Hire Vehicle Fleet Expansion

In Uber’s quest to take over the world, expansion is key — the more drivers it has on the roads picking up passengers, the better its business will do. But in New York City, the company will have to fight to grow its fleet as local authorities consider putting limits on just how many for-hire vehicles will be cruising the streets. [More]

There’s A Preservative That Can Give You An Awful, Itchy Rash — And It’s Probably In Your Bathroom


On Lucy’s* eighth birthday, she woke up to a surprise. It wasn’t a cool toy or a fun game, the kind of things kids often look forward to on days like this. Instead, her back and stomach itched so badly she was crying. [More]


Shirtless Guy Climbs Two Fences At San Diego Airport, Runs Onto A Runway

Though it’s no easy feat to scale a fence (at least, not easy for me), authorities at San Diego International Airport say a man managed to climb not one, but two security fences and ran onto a runway Thursday night. [More]

Tesla Announces $10K Acceleration Improvement Upgrade Called “Ludicrous Mode”

Tesla Announces $10K Acceleration Improvement Upgrade Called “Ludicrous Mode”

If you’ve got an extra $10,000 hanging around and were thinking of buying a new Tesla Model S, you might be interested in an upgrade company CEO Elon Musk just announced: “Ludicrous Mode,” an improved acceleration that brings the dual motor version of the car from zero to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds. [More]


Police Arrest Man On Suspicion Of Knocking Over Girls’ Lemonade Stand, Stealing $30

As any ambitious kid (or former kid) who’s tried to bring in a big haul from running a sidewalk lemonade stand knows, it isn’t easy to make a lot of money from selling drinks for a nickel (or $1, whatever a cup of lemonade goes for these days). Two young entrepreneurial spirits faced an even tougher situation for their fledgling business, after police say a guy overturned their lemonade stand and made off with all their profits. [More]


Famous People Pressuring Costco To Stop Selling Eggs From Caged Hens

In an effort to get Costco to jump on the cage-free bandwagon, famous faces have been coming out against the practice of keeping hens confined, urging bulk retailer Costco to change its ways. Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling and Bill Maher have all recently brought the issue to the attention of the public. [More]

Survey Says: Uber Overtakes Taxis As The Most Popular Ride For Business Travel

Survey Says: Uber Overtakes Taxis As The Most Popular Ride For Business Travel

The scene opens on a very busy businessperson wearing a business suit and carrying a business briefcase on a mission to do some serious business. Time is of the essence — but how to get there? Though in the past we might’ve seen such a character emitting a sharp whistle to bring a cab to a screeching halt, nowadays that person is likely going to pick up their smartphone and hail a ride with Uber, according to a new report. [More]

Police Asking People To Please Give Back Cash That Fell Out Of Armored Truck

Police Asking People To Please Give Back Cash That Fell Out Of Armored Truck

It sounds like a dream come true: the doors of an armored truck fly open, and cash comes flying out, all over the road, just begging to be scooped up by passers-by. But even when dreams become reality, that doesn’t mean loose money is free money, which is why police in Baltimore are asking the public to return cash that spilled from an armored vehicle earlier this week. [More]


Google’s Self-Driving Car Involved In Collision Resulting In Injuries For First Time

Google’s self-driving prototypes have been tooling around on real roads for some time now, and like cars that are driven by people, they’ve had a few bumps and traffic incidents, but no one has gotten hurt. That’s all changed now, as the company reports one of its driverless vehicles has been involved in an accident that involved injuries for the first time. [More]

Not the plane in question. (don buciak)

FAA Investigating Cluster Of 11 Laser Hits On Planes Flying Near Newark Airport

They might seem like harmless flashes of light to those of us on the ground, but lasers can seriously disrupt planes in flight, most notably when they hit pilots in the eyes, potentially causing injuries. That’s why the Federal Aviation Administration is taking reports of 11 separate laser incidents near Newark Liberty International Airport in one night very seriously. [More]

Genius Scientists Have Developed Bacon-Flavored Seaweed Because Clearly That Is Necessary

Genius Scientists Have Developed Bacon-Flavored Seaweed Because Clearly That Is Necessary

If I had a nickel for every time I was munching on a piece of seaweed and thought, “This would be better if it tasted like the bacon of the sea,” I would have zero nickels. But because people love all things that taste like that savory pork product, of course a group of scientists have figured out how to make seaweed-flavored bacon. [More]


Florida’s New Toll Road Express Lanes Mean Drivers Who Use Them Will Be Paying Twice

How do you feel about paying tolls? They’re probably not your favorite thing, but if you want to drive on certain roads, they’re a necessity. Drivers in Florida who want to use new express lanes on some of the state’s roads will now be facing a unique situation — double-tolling, the first instance of such a thing in the U.S. [More]