College Students Pitch In To Tip Delivery Driver $1,268 For Two Pizzas

Tipping a lot for pizza isn’t unusual — how else can one adequately express thanks for delivering a cheesey piece of heaven? — but in most cases, “a lot” means maybe $10. But when a bunch of college students pooled their resources to make one pizza guy’s night, they managed to drop a pretty hefty chunk of change on just two pizzas, giving him a $1,268 tip. [More]


Pepsi Introduces A “Craft” Soda Made With Cane Sugar

PepsiCo is hopping on the ye olde bandwagon and going back to the days when soda was sweetened with sugar, and free of artificial sweeteners or high-fructose corn syrup. Dubbing its new craft soda Caleb’s Kola, Pepsi says the drink is made with cane sugar, “a special blend of spices” and a kola nut extract. [More]


12-Year-Old Girl Writes Letter To Dick’s Sporting Goods Explaining That Women Also Play Basketball

While it’s all well and good for us adults to stand up for gender equality in kids’ products, there’s something about kids themselves taking retailers to task for not giving both boys and girls a fair shake. Leading the pack of girls who aren’t about to take a boys-only view of the sports world this week is a 12-year-old who was so disappointed in Dick’s Sporting Goods for not featuring women in a recent basketball catalog, she took the company to task in a scathing, informed and otherwise wonderful letter. [More]

Here’s What It Looks Like After Someone Shouts “I Have Ebola, You’re All Screwed!” On A Plane


You know the saying about how you should never yell “Fire!” in a theater? Let’s bring that maxim up to date, and amend it to add that you should also refrain from shouting, “I have Ebola, you’re all screwed!” on an airplane. Because that will result in the hazardous materials folks showing up and generally spoiling an entire planeful of people’s plans for an uneventful flight. [More]

Flood Of Red Bull Drinkers Seems To Have Overwhelmed Settlement Claim Site


When the Internet read yesterday that anyone who bought a Red Bull in the last 12 years was eligible for a refund or complimentary beverage as part of a false advertising lawsuit settlement, apparently too many people were thirsty. The original URL given to file a claim and read more information about the settlement no longer works. [More]

Lucky you, Dorothy.

Type “Happy Birthday” And Your Name Into YouTube And You Might Get A Special Surprise

You don’t know how badly I wanted to write a headline telling anyone and everyone to type their names into YouTube and end up with a (sort of) personalized birthday video and song, but the reality of the situation is that there are some names that are not as common as others (hangs head, sighs over lack of special birthday song). But for everyone else, you get a Happy Birthday video. [More]


Casino’s 123-Pound Potato Pocket Nabs The Title Of World’s Biggest Pierogi

Is it just me, or is there an abundance of cooks out there angling to make really, really big food right now? We’ve had a very long bratwurst, a ginormous dish of Hawaiian cuisine and now comes the newest record holder for World’s Biggest Pierogi. [More]


A Bad Idea Gets Even Worse When Lit Candle In Car Sparks Fire At Gas Station

Riding around in a car with an open flame is a bad idea all on its own: Any unexpected movements or sharp turns and that candle you lit for ambiance or use when your interior lights are out is going to go flying. Flying fire is bad, but it’s perhaps an even worse idea to have a flickering flame when your car is sitting still at the gas station. And yes, someone has definitely done this. [More]

LEGO Dumps Deal Allowing Shell Gas Stations To Hand Out Toy Sets After Campaign Against Arctic Drilling

A shot from Greenpeace's anti-Shell campaign using LEGO blocks.

Danish toy company LEGO has ditched a deal it had with Shell that allowed the company to hand out toy sets at its gas stations in about 30 countries around the world, after Greenpeace activists launched a campaign against Shell drilling in the Arctic. [More]

(KOMO News)

Washington Stores Pull Exploding Marijuana Soda Bottles From Shelves

Now that marijuana is legal for recreational use in Washington, stores have probably not been surprised to see pot-infused products flying off the shelves. But when there’s soda literally exploding on the shelves, well, that’s not the best way to clear out the inventory. At least three marijuana product purveyors in the state have had to pull a sparkling pomegranate soda made with pot after bottles started exploding mysteriously. [More]

San Francisco Officials Vote To Legalize Airbnb Rentals


San Francisco is kissing and making nice with Airbnb, after city officials voted to legalize short-term rentals under 30 days — with some restrictions. [More]

A veggie burger, but not one with plant blood. (ChrisGoldNY)

Would You Eat A Veggie Burger That Bleeds?

If your first reaction to the above headline is “Oh my god oh oh my god why is a burger made from vegetables bleeding,” you’re not alone. Rest easy, my meat eschewing friends, these vegetarian burgers are only juicing “blood” made from plants. [More]


UPDATE 10/9: The link for the Red Bull settlement is apparently no longer working, after reports that a surge in traffic might’ve crashed the site. It seems you can still get to a claim form here. [More]

Facebook Reportedly Planning An App Where Nobody Knows Your Name


At the moment where you might be suffering from Facebook fatigue — knowing that that girl from your biology class in high school has a craving for froyo gets exhausting — the social media company is reportedly planning a mobile app that’d be separate from Facebook, and would allow users to interact under pseudonyms. That way you’ll know when a stranger has a craving for froyo instead. Much more interesting. [More]

(Ed Yourdon)

Report: Chain Restaurants Have Cut An Average Of 60 Calories From New Menu Items

While a calorie count isn’t the full story of a dish’s healthiness, menus around America have nonetheless been trimming calories from their items, according to a new study that looked at restaurant chains in 2012 compared to 2013. On average, new menu items lost 60 calories from one year to the next. [More]


Google Street View Straps A Camera To A Camel’s Back To Capture Arabian Desert

The closest most of us will get to riding through an Arabian desert on a camel are those rides kids can take for free on a humped friend at the zoo (or if you’re like me, that time I fell asleep in the middle of reading Arabian Nights as a kid and swore I woke up with a sunburn).But at least now we can get a better idea of the experience with Google Street View’s new camel view of the Liwa Desert. [More]

Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift List Features $425K Trip To The Oscars (Well, An Oscars Party)

Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift List Features $425K Trip To The Oscars (Well, An Oscars Party)

You’ve been staring at that pile of money in your money room forever, it feels like, and George Clooney simply refuses to answer your calls. What’s someone with a hefty lump of cash supposed to buy for the loved one who has everything? If you’ve got $425,000 to spare, you could give the gift of a trip to the Oscars from Neiman Marcus. Or at least, you can get in the vicinity of the Oscars and play dress-up. [More]

(Brian Sozzi on Vine)

Hal The Sweating Nike Mannequin Exercises All Day Testing Clothes On The Walk To Nowhere

The next time you’re running miles upon miles without sliding around in a pool of perspiration, you might want to offer up a quick breath of thanks for the people who make the kind of moisture-wicking clothes you’re wearing. Although Nike’s case, you’ll want to thank Hal, the sweating mannequin. [More]