Company Touts “Ebola Containment Suit” As Literally The Most “Viral” Costume This Halloween

Sometimes I like to think that just once there will be a tragic situation that won’t lead to someone trying to make a buck off a serious situation. But hey, it’s Halloween, when sensitivity to world events apparently goes out the window. So why not charge people $79.99 to dress up in an “Ebola Containment Suit”? [More]


Family Sells Home For $140K More After Agreeing To Include Their Cat In The Deal

How much would someone have to pay you to part with your favorite feline companion? Perhaps no amount of money could pry Mr. Whiskerworth van Hugglebottom from your loving arms, but the $140,000 offered to one family to include their cat in a real estate deal is proving pretty darn tempting. [More]


Broken Meter Leads Family To Fight $12,000 Water Bill For 9 Months

What happens when your local utility company is up to its ears in customer calls? You could end up fighting a hefty water bill for months on end, like one Pittsburgh family that had to battle a $12,241.60 total on their account for nine months. [More]

Sears Apologizes For Selling Swastika Rings In Online Marketplace

Sears Apologizes For Selling Swastika Rings In Online Marketplace

After a third-party listing for a men’s “Thai silver Swastika ring” popped up on Sears’ online Marketplace, the company has pulled the “punk rock style” jewelry and has been busy apologizing to upset customers for selling it in the first place. [More]

American Airlines Flight Makes An Emergency Landing After Cabin Wall Panels Pop Loose


No one wants to hear a sound on an airplane that they’ve never heard before, on the chance that it’s actually something bad. Those fears were likely present yesterday on an American Airlines flying to Dallas from San Francisco when an odd popping noise was followed by panels in the cabin falling off the walls, prompting an emergency landing. [More]


Hermès Customers Returning $20,000 Birkin Bags For Smelling Like Weed

When you’re paying $20,000 for a purse, it should be basically perfect, if not possess some kind of supernatural ability to lay golden eggs or something. That’s why some disgruntled Hermès customers are reportedly returning their pricy Birkin bags, claiming that the purses smell like stanky, skunky marijuana. [More]


Everyone Wants To Know What Thieves Are Planning To Do With 18 Tons Of Crisco

A ginormous biscuit? Lubing up hundreds of thousands of rusty locks? What use could anyone possibly have for 18 tons of stolen Crisco? That’s what everyone in St. Petersburg FL, and now likely the entire world is wondering after someone swiped a semi-truck carrying tons of shortening. [More]

Pet Parrot Missing For Four Years Returns, Now Speaks Spanish

Not Nigel. (Keith Allison)

Nigel the talking parrot spoke English with a British accent when he disappeared four years ago, which already sounds cool. But it seems Nigel wasn’t satisfied with just one language, using his mysterious time on the lam to pick up Spanish. [More]

(Tina Kugler)

Woman Claims A Stranger Stole Her House Using A Fake Deed, Moved In

You can’t pick it up, shove it in your jacket and walk away with it, but a house can still be stolen, it seems. A senior citizen in New York says an ex-convict faked the deed to her family home in Queens and moved in, effectively stealing her house. [More]

(Nicholas Eckhart)

JCPenney Gives CEO Spot To Former Home Depot Exec

Ever since JCPenney gave Ron “No More Sales, Ever!” Johnson the boot from the company’s top spot in 2013 after 18 unsuccessful months spent trying to turn things around, it’s been trying to find just the right executive to fill that tough role. It seems that hunt is over now, as an executive from Home Depot has been named JCPenney’s new Chief Executive Officer. [More]

A Brief History Of Car Colors — And Why Are We So Boring Now?


You don’t know their names, but you see them everywhere: countless shades of reds, greens, blues, grays, tans, taupes, whites, off-whites, charcoals, blacks, gold and silver. Really what you’re seeing is Vanilla Shake, Tahitian Pearl and Torched Penny. Cars are everywhere, and so are the colors they’re cruising around in, their own distinctive skins. Paint is one of the most important design aspects parts of a car — the right paint job can mean the difference between luxury and sport utility, can turn Grandpa’s jalopy into a teen dream machine, and forever change a car from a vehicle you use to get around to a statement on free love and drugs. [More]


College Students Pitch In To Tip Delivery Driver $1,268 For Two Pizzas

Tipping a lot for pizza isn’t unusual — how else can one adequately express thanks for delivering a cheesey piece of heaven? — but in most cases, “a lot” means maybe $10. But when a bunch of college students pooled their resources to make one pizza guy’s night, they managed to drop a pretty hefty chunk of change on just two pizzas, giving him a $1,268 tip. [More]


Pepsi Introduces A “Craft” Soda Made With Cane Sugar

PepsiCo is hopping on the ye olde bandwagon and going back to the days when soda was sweetened with sugar, and free of artificial sweeteners or high-fructose corn syrup. Dubbing its new craft soda Caleb’s Kola, Pepsi says the drink is made with cane sugar, “a special blend of spices” and a kola nut extract. [More]


12-Year-Old Girl Writes Letter To Dick’s Sporting Goods Explaining That Women Also Play Basketball

While it’s all well and good for us adults to stand up for gender equality in kids’ products, there’s something about kids themselves taking retailers to task for not giving both boys and girls a fair shake. Leading the pack of girls who aren’t about to take a boys-only view of the sports world this week is a 12-year-old who was so disappointed in Dick’s Sporting Goods for not featuring women in a recent basketball catalog, she took the company to task in a scathing, informed and otherwise wonderful letter. [More]

Here’s What It Looks Like After Someone Shouts “I Have Ebola, You’re All Screwed!” On A Plane


You know the saying about how you should never yell “Fire!” in a theater? Let’s bring that maxim up to date, and amend it to add that you should also refrain from shouting, “I have Ebola, you’re all screwed!” on an airplane. Because that will result in the hazardous materials folks showing up and generally spoiling an entire planeful of people’s plans for an uneventful flight. [More]

Flood Of Red Bull Drinkers Seems To Have Overwhelmed Settlement Claim Site


When the Internet read yesterday that anyone who bought a Red Bull in the last 12 years was eligible for a refund or complimentary beverage as part of a false advertising lawsuit settlement, apparently too many people were thirsty. The original URL given to file a claim and read more information about the settlement no longer works. [More]

Lucky you, Dorothy.

Type “Happy Birthday” And Your Name Into YouTube And You Might Get A Special Surprise

You don’t know how badly I wanted to write a headline telling anyone and everyone to type their names into YouTube and end up with a (sort of) personalized birthday video and song, but the reality of the situation is that there are some names that are not as common as others (hangs head, sighs over lack of special birthday song). But for everyone else, you get a Happy Birthday video. [More]


Casino’s 123-Pound Potato Pocket Nabs The Title Of World’s Biggest Pierogi

Is it just me, or is there an abundance of cooks out there angling to make really, really big food right now? We’ve had a very long bratwurst, a ginormous dish of Hawaiian cuisine and now comes the newest record holder for World’s Biggest Pierogi. [More]