McDonald’s Customers In Japan Can Only Order Small Orders Of Fries Due To Potato Shortage

The next time you pull up to a McDonald’s drive-thru window and order a large serving of French fries, drop one on the ground for our comrades in Japan, where customers can only get small orders of fries right now. What fresh hell is this? [More]

(CBS Los Angeles)

Enough Already: Thieves Take Off With 50-Year-Old Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Statue

While it’s understandable that where there is good will and cheer toward man, there’s also going to be those grumpy, awful, bah-humbugging Grinches out there who want to ruin anything nice about the holiday season. Already today we’ve heard of Christmas tree thieves, and now comes the news that not even 50-year-old Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer statues are safe, despite the giving nature of the season. [More]

Babies “R” Us Is Already Over Christmas, Moves On To Valentine’s Day

Babies “R” Us Is Already Over Christmas, Moves On To Valentine’s Day

It’s not often that we find a retailer that’s over Christmas before it even starts — on the contrary, we usually find Christmas Creep to be the creepiest of all the holiday creeps, sometimes starting as far back as July. But they’re not having it over at Babies “R” Us. In fact, Christmas might as well be over, for all this store cares. [More]

Uber's first take on the hostage situation? Surge pricing.

Uber Realizes Charging Surge Prices During Sydney Hostage Situation Isn’t A Great Idea, Offers Free Rides

As of Monday morning, there is a hostage situation in Sydney, Australia, where a suspect has been in a standoff with police since Sunday morning, holding a reported 13 or so people hostage inside a cafe in the city’s central business district. And while others in the area tried to flee from the scene as quickly as possible yesterday, Uber customers were finding $100 minimum charges and up to 4x surge prices to get a ride somewhere safer. [More]


Bunch Of Grinches Take $2K In Christmas Trees From Cut-Your-Own Farm Without Paying

Everybody’s got to make a living, and for some people, sometimes the most fruitful times to ply your trade only happen for a short period every year. That’s why a Christmas tree farm in Maine that lets customers cut down their own trees is suffering when it should be the most rewarding seasons — it seems the Grinches are out in force, with many people stealing the $40 trees and wreaths instead of paying. [More]

The Eat More Kale guy, as see on EatMoreKale.com.

Chick-Fil-A Loses Its Trademark Crusade Against “Eat More Kale” Slogan

The last we heard from the “Eat More Kale” guy in his battle to bring veggie-themed T-shirts to the masses, he’d lost a round to the Goliath that is Chick-fil-A after the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office gave him a preliminary “no” in 2013. But it looks like David will still come out on top in this situation, as he was just granted the trademark for his phrase. [More]

Taco Bell Might Be Trying That Whole “Chips As A Taco Shell” Thing Again, This Time With Fritos

Taco Bell Might Be Trying That Whole “Chips As A Taco Shell” Thing Again, This Time With Fritos

As the saying goes, when at first you succeed at feeding people taco fillings inside a shell made from a popular brand of chips, try it again and see if you can get more people to buy your food. At least, that must be a motto at Taco Bell, which could be following the success of the Doritos Locos line of taco fare with a new Fritos shell. [More]


Macadamias Are All The Rage After Korean Air Exec’s Nut Rage

While the Korean Air Lines executive who demanded that a flight crew member leave the flight she was on because she was served macadamia nuts in a bag instead of on a plate has since apologized for her behavior, there’s one party involved in the incident that is sitting mighty pretty right about now. The macadamia nut, of course. [More]

Krispy Kreme Celebrates “Day Of The Dozens” With Glazed Doughnut BOGO Deal

Krispy Kreme Celebrates “Day Of The Dozens” With Glazed Doughnut BOGO Deal

A quick glance at the calendar and you will see that day is December 12 — or, if you’re into celebrating numbers and dates it’s 12/12. Krispy Kreme is celebrating this “Day of the Dozens” with free doughnuts, because who doesn’t like free fried dough and sugar? [More]

Facebook Is Considering Adding A “Dislike” Button

I'm not an artist, but I do my best. (afagen)

You know you’ve had that thought — “I OPPOSITE OF “LIKE” THIS, FACEBOOK!” — whether it was on the eleventy trillionth gushing baby photo post or whatever ridiculous political thing that person from high school is posting this time. And while Facebook has long stood firm against a “dislike” button, it seems the negative Nellies out there have some sway with The Zuck, nevertheless. [More]


Which Popular Holiday Gifts Are The Worst To Get?

The moment of dread has arrived: You have to open gifts in front of your loved ones, and pretend you like what they’ve given you, no matter if it’s a bottle of peppermint schnapps or a candle shaped like a Christmas tree that smells like a car air freshener. But this year, perhaps if we reflect upon the gifts people hate getting the most, we can avoid those items and bring more cheer than fear. [More]

Tokyo Restaurant Banning Couples On Christmas Eve So Singles Don’t Have To Remember They’re Lonely

Tokyo Restaurant Banning Couples On Christmas Eve So Singles Don’t Have To Remember They’re Lonely

Are you in the mood for love? Simply because you’re near the reason for that pitter-patter of delight and that longing ache to caress the face of your significant other, as if you could soothe the worries of the world from his/her dear brow? Well cut it out. No one needs to be reminded they’re single, especially on Christmas Eve, and one Tokyo restaurant wants none of it this year. [More]

The exchange, as posted on Facebook.

Police Officer Buys Accused Shoplifter A Carton Of Eggs, Donations Follow By The Truckload

What started with a kind act from a police officer who bought a carton of eggs for an accused shoplifter instead of arresting her has turned into a veritable food and clothing mountain of generosity from strangers. [More]


Couple Tired Of Holiday Package Thefts Fills Box With Excrement, Sets Up Camera

A warning to those among you who might be tempted to swipe a package from the piles covering doorsteps right now, at the height of the holiday shopping season: You might not open it to find anything you’ll like, and that includes a box filled with poop. [More]

(TimeOut London on YouTube)

The Only Food On The Menu At London Cafe Is Cereal (Okay, And Milk)

There’s just something about tucking into a full bowl of your favorite cereal, doused in your milk of choice, that’s unlike any other eating experience. In an effort to tap into that segment of people who love shoveling spoonfuls of breakfast into their mouths at all times of the day, a cafe in London recently opened up that serves exclusively cereal. Yes, just cereal. And milk, which is also a food as well as a beverage, right? Sure. [More]

Actor Who Played Jethro On ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ Suing CBS Over BBQ Restaurant

Actor Who Played Jethro On ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ Suing CBS Over BBQ Restaurant

Not everyone has a name like “Jethro,” so it only makes sense that the guy who played Jethro Bodine on The Beverly Hillbillies would want to cash in on such a famous moniker. That’s why he’s ticked off right now at CBS, claiming the network breached a contract he had with it by allowing an Iowa restaurant chain to use the Jethro name and character. [More]


Someone Just Paid $25K For A Pair Of First Generation 8GB iPhones

Can you remember a time when you couldn’t whip out your phone during an argument over who played that one guy in that one movie, or find out how many miles it was between you and a cheese store? Seems like the Dark Ages now, but for those who thrive on nostalgia and have deep pockets, you just missed out on spending a boatload of cash on a blast from the past — a pair of original, first generation iPhones that recently went for more than $25,000 on eBay. [More]

She kind of looks scared she might drop it?

23,000 United Airlines Flight Attendants Getting An iPhone 6 Plus

Remember how fun it was to watch that Oprah’s favorite things and steam with jealousy as she announced things like, “And YOU get an iPhone 6 Plus! And YOUUUU get an iPhone 6 Plus!” while doling out expensive presents to her audience? Now just imagine her saying that 23,000 times to a crowd of United Airlines flight attendants. [More]