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Man’s License Suspended Over A Ticket From 1981 After DMV Fixes Its Typo

What’s the last thing you remember about that time you didn’t get a notice that your license was suspended? That’s right, you wouldn’t remember it if it never happened to you. One man found himself with a suspended license over a ticket from 1981, something he wasn’t warned about back then because the notification letter had his name misspelled on it. [More]

Taco Bell’s Dollar Cravings Menu Rolls Out Nationwide Today

Taco Bell’s Dollar Cravings Menu Rolls Out Nationwide Today

It seems like a faraway land in a far-off time when Taco Bell was working extra hard on its “We’re Healthy, Promise!” image with the Cantina Bell menu, doesn’t it? Which makes the nationwide rollout of cheaper, more Taco Bellish fare today feel inevitable, in a way. [More]


Average Cost Of Raising A Kid Climbs To $245,000 — And That’s Not Including College

Planning on bringing a new bouncing bundle of joy into the world soon? You’re probably already used to shelling out some major bucks in preparation for that little one, but the spending won’t stop here: The average cost of rearing a human to the ripe old age of 18 has risen again, to $245,000 based on a middle-income family. And then comes college. [More]

These puppies are neither sick nor underage to my knowledge. Just cute and puppies from The Shining. (ChrisGoldNY)

USDA Bans Imports Of Young, Sick Puppies

First of all, let’s all look at those puppies there on the left. Don’t they look like they’re from a really adorable puppy version of The Shining? Maybe The Barking? Anyway, those puppies* are unrelated to this story: The United States Department of Agriculture has a new rule banning the importation of puppies that are too young or sickly to be coming into the country. [More]

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Reminder: It’s Impolite To Shoot A Deer With An Arrow At Your Local Car Dealership

So you’re at the car dealership perusing vehicles and mulling the difference between Space Ghost Gray and Ghost Rider Gray when fwiiiiiiip! — an arrow zings past and takes down a nearby deer. What an awfully rude customer, you might think. And you’d be right, one car dealership was none too happy when a guy allegedly shot a deer with a bow and arrow on the premises. [More]


Traveler Arrested At Airport Because Breast Implants Should Not Be Packed With Cocaine

Though there are plenty of horror stories out there about people getting crazy or dangerous substances implanted by way of dubious medical procedures, stuffing breast implants with cocaine brings things to a whole new level of nuttery. And as it turns out, it’s not a good way to smuggle drugs, as one traveler recently found out. [More]

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Grocery Store Shopper Calls The Cops On A Mom For Dropping F-Bombs In Front Of Her Kids

Is it a crime to swear at your children? That’s the question in one South Carolina town right now, after a Kroger customer called the cops on her fellow shopper for allegedly dropping f-bombs in front of her children. [More]

Comcast Agrees I Didn’t Run Up $343 In Overdue Charges, Still Demands I Pay It Anyway

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Consumerist reader Kim has been spending a lot of time on the phone lately. Why, you might be asking? It’s not for the joy of listening to Comcast’s hold music and recorded messages, no, that’s not it. It’s because she says her mother was told to pay a previous tenant’s overdue bill, or not get new services set up for herself and have her account sent to collections. [More]

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SeaWorld San Diego Pledges To Double The Size Of Orca Environment, Spend $10M On Research

What’s a company that makes its money off captive marine life to do when a documentary stirs up controversy? If you’re SeaWorld, you start coming up with ways to quell the critics: SeaWorld San Diego announced today that it’s going to double the size of its orca environment and spend $10 million in research on killer whales, as well as setting up an independent advisory committee with scientists to supervise its orca program. [More]


Woman Burns Mouth On Sweet Tea Filled With Industrial Cleaning Chemicals At Restaurant

There’s nothing quite like taking a big sip of a nice cold drink when you’re thirsty — unless that beverage is filled with chemical cleaners used to degrease restaurant deep fryers. Officials say a 67-year-old woman burned her mouth when she drank from a cup of sweet tea at a restaurant that was laced with lye. [More]

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You Can Now Buy Pre-Muddied Sneakers For Only $215

Because we all know the inconvenience of having too much money and not enough stuff to spend it on, you can now kill two birds with one stone: Never worry about getting your spanking white shoes dirty by buying pre-muddied kicks for the bargain price of $215. Saves you time and stress over the inevitable, and provides a way to dispose of that extra income. [More]


If You’ve Got Two Land Masses That Need Connecting, Oregon Has A Bridge To Sell You

Isn’t it annoying when you’re on one side of a body of water and you can see the opposite bank, and you really want to get over there but alas, there’s no stretch of metal and concrete to bear you to the other side? Well, have I got the bridge for you. Or rather, Oregon has one and it needs to sell it. [More]


Study: Flies On Your Food Are Way More Disgusting Than Cockroaches

Bugs and food don’t mix. But would you rather see a cockroach scramble over your eggs or a fly alight for a few seconds before taking off? Though the housefly might appear less scary than a roach, a new study says we should be more worried about the former walking around on our food. [More]

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Furry Friends Or Food? Whole Foods Starts Selling Rabbit Meat Amidst Protests

Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail… Or is it, here comes lunch, yum, rabbit meat? That’s at the center of a controversy between people who think rabbits should remain our furry friends and not our food, and the move by Whole Foods to start selling rabbit meat at selected stores. [More]

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Drivers Probably Considered Making Lemonade After Truck Spills Hundreds Of Lemons On Highway

When life spills lemons, do you refuse to cry and try to make lemonade? Or is that too much of a metaphorical mashup? At least a few sour tears were likely shed at the annoyance of a traffic snarl in California, when a truck carrying a load of citrus accidentally dumped hundreds of lemons across the highway. [More]

Google Maps Adding Underwater Photos Of World’s Oceans To Street View

Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, Philippines (Google Maps

Nemo might never have been so hard to find, if only his ocean had a good map of the local reefs. Wayward fish with knowledge of technology will be in luck — as will anyone yearning for a view under the sea — as Google Maps is adding 360-degree Street View photos of our oceans’ coral reefs. [More]

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Police Looking For Couple Who Stole 5-Year-Old’s iPod At Frozen Yogurt Store

In the updated-for-the-digital age version of taking candy from a baby, police in Colorado say an adult couple walked off with a five-year-old’s iPod, you know, just because it was there. Yes, we live in a world where there are people who will steal electronics from a kid. Yes, I meant iPod. Yes, people still have iPods. [More]

Company Behind “As Seen On TV” Products Accused Of Forcing Customers To Buy Stuff They Don’t Want

Company Behind “As Seen On TV” Products Accused Of Forcing Customers To Buy Stuff They Don’t Want

Perhaps you’ve had that feeling after a late-night informercial-fueled shopping spree, that, “Why did I buy four mini desk fans in various colors?” buyer’s remorse. While it’s one thing to do that to yourself, officials in New Jersey are accusing the company behind “As Seen On TV” gadgets and gizmo of forcing customers into a buying trap, with no way out other than buying more stuff. [More]