Computer Engineer Barbie Needs Men To Write Code, Can’t Reboot Computer

Computer Engineer Barbie Needs Men To Write Code, Can’t Reboot Computer

UPDATE: The real update is there has yet to be an update. We — and others — haven’t heard back from Mattel yet, despite increasing negative reviews of the book. SECOND UPDATE: Mattel has responded to the book’s critics. [More]

No spread here; these folks are doing it right. High five! (litherland)

NYC Officials Decide It’s Finally Time To Shame People For Sitting With Their Legs Spread Apart On The Subway

The last time I checked, the average person is not six feet wide, and thus doesn’t need anywhere near that amount of room to sit on any given surface. And yet, there are those who have been ticking off their fellow riders since the dawn of time by having the audacity to spread their legs as far to the side as possible, thus either preventing others from sitting or making the people on either side uncomfortable at the level of touching. Finally, New York City’s authorities are spreading the message that enough is enough. [More]

Bob Marley’s Family Is Starting A Line Of Branded Marijuana For Reasons No One Must Explain


In a branding combination that goes together like Bob Marley black light posters and college students, the late musician’s family says it’s starting a new line of Bob Marley marijuana. If you need someone to explain the relationship between Marley and Mary Jane, go ask your 19-year-old niece/nephew/son/daughter living in the basement. [More]


Study: Eating Trans Fat Could Be Bad For Your Memory

While you’re munching on sticks of margarine and snorfing down packaged snacks, is there a nagging feeling tugging at your brain? Like there’s something you have to remember but… It’s gone, and one group of researchers says it’s that consumption of trans fats that can do some damage to your memory. [More]

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If You’re Going To Ask A Cop For A Ride To Burger King, Don’t Have Pockets Packed With Pot

This isn’t one of those stories where an incapacitated person makes silly fast food demands of the police and ends up getting arrested. But alas, while it’s nice to know there are cops out there willing to drive your average hungry citizen to Burger King, bringing along your drugs for the ride is not going to go over well in your new carpool. [More]


Two Men Ride All Of Disney World’s 46 Rides In One Day

There are many things that as a kid, we swear we’ll do when we’re finally old enough to live our own lives: Build that awesome treehouse, tell Scott McMeaniePants from 7th grade that he’s a total knob, and ride amusement park rides all day long with no one to tell you to stop. Two grown men lived that last childhood fantasy out, riding all 46 rides at Disney World in a single day. [More]

Look how much fun these good-looking people wearing sunglasses are having!

Uber And Spotify Pair Up To Allow Riders To Choose Their Own Tunes For The Drive

“What do you mean when you say you ‘have no Janet Jackson’??!?!” at least one car full of people has gaspscreamed at at least one car service driver (sorry, guy). That outraged reaction could be a thing of the past for Uber customers, as the company has joined forces with Spotify to offer Spotify Premium account holders the ability to play their own playlists and control the music during some Uber rides. [More]

Check for more package labels.

1.2 Million Pounds Of Pretzel Hot Dogs Recalled Because Boxes Didn’t Disclose Presence Of Soy

If you’re allergic to soy you might want to put that pretzel hot dog down — I know, it’s cruel, but really: The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection service says close to 1.2 million pounds of frozen pretzel hot dogs have been recalled by a food company for containing soy lecithin, common allergen, but not listing its presence on the boxes’ labels. [More]


Starbucks Barista Rescues Two From Cab After Manhole Explodes In The Street

We’d all like to think we could do the right thing and be brave enough to dash into danger to save someone else, but the reality is, it sounds pretty scary. One quick-thinking Starbucks barista in New York City had his movie moment when he ran into the street to help a cab driver and his passenger after a manhole cover exploded underneath their vehicle. [More]


AMC Theaters Offering Loyalty Club Members Unlimited Viewings Of ‘Interstellar’

Maybe you just didn’t get it the first time, or Matthew McConaughey’s voice is the soulbalm you’ve been seeking all this time and didn’t realize it until seeing Interstellar. Either way, AMC Theaters and Paramount have teamed up to offer AMC’s loyalty club members the chance to buy a ticket to see Interstellar as many times as they want. With a few conditions, natch. [More]


Why Do Airfares Keep Going Up While Airlines’ Fuel Costs Go Down?

The bad news: While the price of jet fuel is dropping, planes are still packed full of people and airfares are still on the rise. But is there a silver lining of good news for travelers, or are airline bosses just rolling around on beds made of money and laughing at us as we grumble about a ticket home for the holidays? [More]


Find The Nearest Chair, Sit Down: Chocolate Makers Warn Of Impending Global Shortage

As I write this, I am clutching a bag of individually wrapped chocolate morsels and imagining the most satisfying rationing plan I can think of, as panic threatens to seize my heart and throw me into a fit of anxiety. Yes, people, there’s a global chocolate shortage on the horizon, and it’s coming for you. [More]

Report: Facebook Planning “At Work” Version For Networking On The Job


Stop whatever you’re doing at work — talking to Joanne in accounting about her weekend or crunching those numbers — and get on Facebook. Seriously, your boss might want you to do that in the future if the new reported “Facebook at Work” test becomes a workplace reality. [More]

The Crown Princess (Princess Cruises)

Norovirus Strikes A Crown Princess Cruise For The Second Time This Year, Sickening 170

Some guests just refuse to leave, even when the party is over, it seems: For the second time in six months, Carnival’s Crown Princess, which sails the seas under the Princess Cruises brand, has hosted an outbreak of norovirus. The ship was met at the dock in Los Angeles yesterday by public health officials after more than 170 passengers and some crew fell ill on a 28-day cruise to destinations like Tahiti and Hawaii. [More]


Two-Time Krispy Kreme Challenge Winner Can Somehow Run 4 Miles & Eat 12 Doughnuts Without Barfing

While I could maybe probably run four miles and definitely eat a dozen doughnuts, I couldn’t accomplish both in the same day, much less the same hour. That’s why it’s somewhat amazing that a two-time Krispy Kreme Challenge winner has managed to run two miles to Krispy Kreme, stop and eat 12 doughnuts, then run two more miles in only an hour. And without losing the contents of his stomach, to boot. Or not to boot. You get it. [More]

Of Course There’s An App For Getting Medical Marijuana Delivered To Your Doorstep In L.A.

Of Course There’s An App For Getting Medical Marijuana Delivered To Your Doorstep In L.A.

As marijuana becomes legal in a growing list of states, whether recreationally or for medical reasons, it would make sense that consumers living in those areas would turn to technology to get the products they want. After all, who actually calls the delivery place on the phone to get dinner anymore? Calling a cab, how quaint! So to fill that technology need, a California company has set its app up to offer medical marijuana delivery. [More]

Suspected Serial Scammer Arrested After New Roommate Googles Her


We all do it — looking up someone you’ve just met on the Internet, whether it’s a first date or a job candidate — and in at least one case, Googling a new roommate helped one woman escape a potentially scammy relationship. [More]

Surveillance footage showing the kidnapping.

Students Arrested After Allegedly Stealing $7.5K Ronald McDonald Statue, Completing Drive-Thru Order

We all know you’re not supposed to return to the scene of the crime, but another good way to get caught is to spend as much time as you can in front of surveillance cameras while committing an unlawful act. Heck, four students accused of kidnapping a Ronald McDonald statue from an Illinois restaurant stuck around long enough afterward to finish going through the drive-thru and pick up some eats. [More]