I Don’t Want To Dress My 11-Year Old As Sexy Oscar The Grouch For Halloween

I Don’t Want To Dress My 11-Year Old As Sexy Oscar The Grouch For Halloween

Last year, we brought the world’s attention to a “Naughty Leopard” costume for toddler girls at Walmart, and the product was eventually pulled from shelves. (To be honest, we were more concerned that it didn’t look like a leopard at all than the costume sexualizing young girls.) Reader Corrie has an 11-year-old daughter who wants to dress up as Oscar the Grouch, though, and she disapproves of the ready-made options. [More]

Newsflash: Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches Are Not Nutritious, Taste Weird

There’s a wide variety of frozen breakfast sandwiches on the market, but are any of them any good? No, not particularly, our flavorful colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports determined. Very few of the sandwiches they reviewed earned a good nutrition rating, and sandwiches don’t retain their texture very well after freezing. As with the guacamole tests earlier this year, they provided a recipe and recommended that maybe you just make own breakfast burritos at home instead. [Consumer Reports]

Cruise Ship Earns Nickname “Pandemic Princess,” Cancels Next Trip For Mechanical Reasons

Cruise Ship Earns Nickname “Pandemic Princess,” Cancels Next Trip For Mechanical Reasons

It’s not quite the second coming of the Poop Cruise, but 2,000 passengers who were set to board a Princess cruise near Perth, Australia are really sad since their trip has been canceled due to mysterious mechanical issues. This might not have attracted news attention if the last sailing of the same ship hadn’t experienced a norovirus outbreak, earning the nickname “Pandemic Princess.” [More]

We Have Seen The Future, And It Serves Strawberry Dr Pepper

We Have Seen The Future, And It Serves Strawberry Dr Pepper

Last year, we brought you news that Pepsi finally had its answer to the Coke Freestyle super-fountain, and it was called the Pepsi Touch Tower. Over a year later, these machines finally made their way out into the wild, and have been renamed the Pepsi Spire. There aren’t many in operation: only 76 in the United States as of this writing. We were fortunate enough to encounter one while grabbing a slice of pizza. [More]

Get your daily recommended dose of carbos. And caffeine.

Limited Re-Release Of Coca-Cola’s Surge Sells Out Within Hours On Amazon

Do you remember Surge? Caffeine addicts of a certain age will know exactly what we’re referring to, but younger readers may only know the product’s name from online campaigns to bring it back. Now that the product’s biggest fans are young adults with disposable income and credit cards, Coca-Cola has brought the beverage back into production, sold exclusively on Amazon. The first batch sold out within hours. [More]

Man Goes To 7-Eleven For Some Milk, Creates Drive-Thru

Man Goes To 7-Eleven For Some Milk, Creates Drive-Thru

Drive-thru convenience stores exist. They are not popular, which is sort of surprising. Would the American public really resist a way to become even lazier? The 7-Eleven in Lombard, Illinois doesn’t have a drive-thru, but somehow acquired one yesterday when a man drove through a wall while stopping at the store to get some milk. He says that his brake pedal was stuck. [More]

Red Robin Fulfills Dreams, Offers Bacon Caramel Bourbon Milkshake

Red Robin Fulfills Dreams, Offers Bacon Caramel Bourbon Milkshake

2014 hasn’t been a great year for our planet overall, but here’s one bit of great news in our otherwise gloomy world. Following the news that Five Guys plans to offer bacon as an ingredient in their new customizable shakes, even wackier burger chain Red Robin has announced that they’ll be offering bacon shakes with bourbon, caramel, and a strip of candied bacon to stir the whole thing with. [More]

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Why Does The New England Aquarium Breed Jellyfish As Currency?

When zoos first began in this country, there was nothing wrong with going shopping for the animals that they wanted to have in their collections. Explorers would capture critters from all over the world and bring them back for Americans to gawk at. After the passage of the Endangered Species Act, that changed, and institutions now only barter or donate animals. So where do new animals come from? [More]

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CashForiPhones Keeps My iPhone, Cuts Cash Offer By $222

Apple announced new iPhone models earlier this week, which means that for many people, it’s time to trade up. While your mobile phone carrier might offer a sweet trade-in deal, some customers are able to get even more by using outside trade-in services. That’s what Steve tried to do, selling his iPhone 5 to the site CashForiPhones.com. The site offered him $263, but once they had the phone, only sent him a check for $41. [More]

BJ’s Is Just Daring You To Move This Question Mark

BJ’s Is Just Daring You To Move This Question Mark

According to the warehouse club’s handbook for new employees, BJ’s is named for Beverly Jean Weich, the daughter of the company’s first president. That was in 1984, so it’s not like nobody knew that the name had a possible secondary meaning other than “a person with the initials B.J.” Right? Josh really questions the wisdom of the company’s new slogan. [More]

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General Motors Doesn’t Recall Corvettes, Stops Shipments And Sales Instead

Remember how General Motors promised that it is totally done with recalling cars? Well, strictly speaking that’s true, because the company is not recalling any 2015 Corvettes. They’re stopping shipments and sales of cars that are currently on dealer lots, because there may be problems with their parking brakes and airbags. There are 2,800 ‘vettes that may have problems with their airbags, and 800 that may have problems with their parking brakes. [More]

Consumerist Friday Flickr Finds


Here are nine of the best photos that readers added to the Consumerist Flickr Pool in the last week, picked for usability in a Consumerist post or for just plain neatness. [More]

Photo collages AND stick-on rhinestones? Sign me up! I am not being sarcastic.

Walmart Focus Group Of 1,000 Kids Tells Us What Toys To Buy Them

Walmart started a new holiday tradition last year. It starts in the summer: the company invites a test panel of 1,000 children of all ages to play with a variety of toys, then rate how fun they are. About a quarter of the toys make the chain’s annual list of the 20 hottest toys, which Walmart then stocks up on, and Walmart shoppers might pick up after their Black Friday towel-grabbing frenzy. Maybe. [More]


Taco Bell Is Testing Tortilla Chip-Encrusted Fried Chicken––No, Really

Remember a few months ago when we shared the news that KFC in the Philippines is offering fried chicken covered in Clover Chips, a popular tapioca-based snack? We took the opportunity to wonder whether parent company Yum Brands might bring that concept to the United States, substituting Dorito crumbs for Clover Chips. Well, maybe the company was listening…just not necessarily KFC. [More]

NYC Steakhouse Goes To Court To Obtain Identity Of Fake Yelp Reviewer

NYC Steakhouse Goes To Court To Obtain Identity Of Fake Yelp Reviewer

It’s one thing for a company to pursue legal action against an online reviewer who posted negative things about the company when it is actually true. Currently the Sparks Steakhouse in Manhattan, a former job applicant, Yelp, and a mysterious fourth party are involved in legal action to discover the identity of “Besfort S.,” a Yelper posing as a former Sparks employee who posted about how spitting in food is routine. [More]

Pumpkin Spice Oreos Are Real, Hit Stores September 24th

We had plenty of unofficial evidence and off-the-record confirmation of the existence of pumpkin spice Oreos, but couldn’t be definitively, publicly sure that they were official and real. Yes, the artificial flavor wizards over at Nabisco have given us Oreos flavored like limeade and cookies and creme Oreos, and everything else in the world already comes in pumpkin spice flavor, it’s not surprising. However, the news is official now. [Oreo Twitter]

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No, This Arab Immigrant Does Not Refuse To Sell Gasoline To Soldiers

Is there bigoted immigrant gas station owner in Michigan who refuses to do business with members of the American armed forces? Well… no, but that didn’t stop people from passing on a call to boycott it. Before you hit “share” on an angry call to boycott a business, consider whether the precipitating incident could be a huge misunderstanding. [More]

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Bankruptcy For RadioShack Is Probably Unavoidable

Wall Street analysts, the people who make big bucks keeping track of these things, say that bankruptcy for Radio Shack is probably inevitable. They were saying that after the retailer announced its quarterly results yesterday, losing money for the tenth straight quarter in a row. [More]